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Should I get a vapouriser

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stoned42, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Heyy everyone =)
    Im a new toker and for some reason after my session today I feel like mucus is trapped in my throat or something and I cant cough it out, this is the first time that happened, I have extremely mild asthma, why is this happening? I cant really afford a vapouriser though, not even those mini ones (I would prefer like one on the go though like a pipe), what should I do?
    Thanks =)
  2. Get a Vapor Genie for $50 on Amazon
    If you can't afford that, wait until you can save up for it.
  3. The mucus probably has nothing to do with the smoking. Probably just sinus drainage. Or maybe it is upsetting your asthma, not sure.

    But yes, you should buy a vaporizer. I know everyone says it, but look into the MFLB. It is only 70 on amazon, not too hard to save up for. Cuts my toking pretty much in half and gets me high as balls. Very portable too, i can fit it undetected in a closed fist. Fits in the change pocket of 5 pocket jeans. Others to look into are the No2, Da Vinci, VaporGenie (only other one i have experience with. Ehh, MFLB is better), and the iolite. All of those (minus the vaporgenie, it's like $50 USD) are more expensive than the box though.
  4. Whats sinus damage?
    And for some reason I havent smoked out of a pipe for a while until today, could this be it?
    See I heard it takes long to smoke out of a vapouriser so that could be annoying :mad:
  5. I had mucus when i was smoking joints for a few weeks, then i switched to a bong and the mucus went away
  6. I had mucus from smoking blunts alot, Vap is good man gets you real blazed.

  7. Sinus drainage. Basically mucus drains down the back of your throat. Just an example, i just meant it could be a lot of other things involving sinuses.

    It takes me like 5 minutes to vape a trench with my vape. Not long at all
  8. I have an mflb defs worth it but theres nothing like an evening stroll with a J or some epic bong rips. After a few weeks of using my MFLB I was dying for a rip.
  9. I HAD medium level asthma all my life until I started smoking (funnily enough).

    But basically, save up your money for a while, until you can afford something good (Da Buddha [my personal recommendation], an Extreme Q or something like that) because the cheapies won't work as well and will give you a tainted view on vapes.
    The vape is so far the best investment I made in relation to smoking/smoking accessories, except for maybe my new grinder (finally got a good one) or the carbon filter I bought for my Roor. I couldn't recommend one enough.
    Despite that, I usually smoke a normal bong after a vape sesh, I prefer the high I get that way.
  10. Weeds good for asthma..
  11. Wow really, does it smell much, I know it doesnt make as much smoke so its not fun to play with =(
  12. Ive also heard a vapouriser high is not intense
  13. it gives you a clean head high
    It's not as "intense" but it gets you "higher"
  14. Its true. you also dont really burn out with vapes. and the reason it gets you higher is cause it kinda creeps up on you. when i first started vaping i got royally stoned without realizing and kept vaping aha
  15. The reason the vaporizer high is not as "intense", is that you are not being poisoned by carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and various other combustion products!
  16. So basically its like a sativa, what if I feel like getting stoned, I prefer sativas though, I also prefer rolling joints or using my pipe cause its more smoke so more fun and rolling joints are so fun :smoking:
  17. Yeah kinda like that, so you could vape an indica but still get a sativa high. So then if you use a sativa you'll get twice as high. You can also try using mids and it will taste like dro.
  18. just smoke a god damn joint
  19. 1)take T break
    2)let lungs clear out a bit
    3)take money that would have been spent on weed and buy a vaporizer
    4)the vaporizer will pay for itself fairly quickly.
  20. Save some money for a good vape like a solo, pax, vtower, dbv or ssv. You will not regret it at all

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