should i get a lip ring?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jeo, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. im intrigued, but im worried about the practicality of it, eating, talking, ect. the only info i could find on the web was how to take care of it right after its done, im talking about life after
  2. no.

    be a man and get a cock cross.
  3. prince alberts another fine option
  4. My boyfriend has one in, there aren't really any problems with talking, eating or anything else, apart from the healing stage.
    When it's healing be careful what you eat, something like a burger where you have to widen your mouth would be difficult, and your lip is a bit swollen for a couple of days.
    But then your all good :D
  5. I have snakebites (2 lip rings) and talked and ate fine....

    go for it
  6. haa yeah OP the way you gotta think about it is simple...if they could do it you can too

    especially something like a lip ring
  7. if you're a dude? NO! thats gay

    but if you're a chick? hell ya thats sexy as hell!
  8. Do it man, I had one once during my senior year of high school but lost it in a drunken state. It was badass.
  9. i saw a baby with a pierced eyesocket

    if a baby can do it so can you
  10. do you want people to look at you...
  11. do you have to keep them in all the time to keep the hole from closing up? i couldnt really figure that out
  12. :rolleyes:
  13. Well yeah... I've had mine since '08 and one side closes up if I leave it out for over night, I can leave it out all day and put it in before bed, and it just re-stretches a little, the other side was pierced differently, and I don't think it will ever close up

    But they do have clear retainers if you don't want to wear any metal
  14. Yeah man you should, I have mine pierced
  15. It's just a piercing, do it man.
  16. im leaning towards it more and more but if i do do it id have to wait until after break, shits like 50 bucks right
  17. If you're gonna do it, then do it big.

  18. Oh god

  19. I say no.
    I don't care for lip piercings, guys or girls.
    The lip ones look a little trashy to me...

    I think if anything it takes away from your looks.
    But that's my opinion, do what you want.

  20. Do not pay 50$ that's ridiculous! It shouldn't be more than 20$ really...

    I think it improves how I look... :) I always feel like something is missing if I go piercing free... my avatar was one of the few times I felt pretty with out my metal :( alot of people think piercings are trashy :confused: doesn't over all appearance count for this? Or is it bc I have metal in my face that you think I look trashy? Just curious

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