Should I get a lawyer?

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  1. Was caught recently in NJ with less than 50g of bud. Wasn't high or anything, but got hit with possession of less than 50g of marijuana and Possession of CDS in a Motor Vehicle. This is my first offense and I was just curious if anyone else has been in this situation? Since its my first offense should I get a lawyer? Or will they just hit me with Conditional Discharge? I cant really afford a lawyer so this shit sucks.
  2. Shoulda put it in your ass, my guy

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  3. Unfortunately that wasn't feasible at the time since he was blinding me with a search light. I gladly would have swallowed it :mellow:
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  4. I'm just playin buddy, sorry about your luck. I hope it works out for ya.

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  5. Absolutely. I know it will cost money, but you do NOT want to go into court on drug charges without legal representation. Whatever comes out of this will go on your record which easily could prevent you from future employment and lots of other things. Get a lawyer and beg for community service since this is your first offense. You had a lot of weed on you to get off really lightly, so I wouldn't think about taking the chance. Sorry and hope it works out for you without too much hassle. TWW
  6. Yeah! Lawyer will represent you nicely and with a genuine reason. Hire the best lawyer who will fully be dedicated to bring you out from all this. Navigate through different sites or read reviews to find the best skilled lawyer.
  7. I probably would just pay for a lawyer to make sure I got conditional discharge and he may be able to get it down to 6 months from a year for you possibly or even better. Definitely better to have representation
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  8. I would
    Check the NORML web site they may have cheaper lawyers in your area
    who practice in just MJ cases
  9. I know this is old but if this is a misdemeanor don't waste your money on a lawyer, in my opinion. I've unfortunately lived in courtrooms in Cook and DuPage Co. for a while. From my experience, if this is your first charge and this is a misdemeanor (I don't know the law in NJ), the outcome of your case would likely be exactly the same with or without a 3 thousand dollar lawyer.

    I typically only hire lawyers for felony cases and sometimes not even then.

    Trust me, don't trust lawyers. I paid Sam Adam Jr. close to a hundred grand for two cases and I still got cracked with 18 years at 85%. "He gotta be good, he got R. Kelly off," I thought. I beat my case on appeal my fuckin self (no lawyer) after spending a few years in the law library and learning about the specific statutes that influenced my verdict. I would have still been in prison had I not taken the initiative to try to protect myself.
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  10. If it's your first charge, look into getting PTI.
  11. Read your local laws and punishments getting a lawyer will most definitely help could also get it dropped in court. If you go in there by yourself depending on the punishments. You could get stroked. Good luck man.
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  12. Not getting a lawyer would be pretty stupid, you risk 6 months in jail and up to a 1000 dollar fine. Plus a criminal record. Misdemeanor or felony, public records will show you as a criminal.
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  13. How tf you get Caught bro I've walked past Police with a half oz of double cheese and they didn't even stop me lol did you act bate in front of them
  14. They're gonna take a bite out of your ass without a lawyer!
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  15. He said possession of CDS in a motor vehicle. He got pulled over, and they searched the car. That simple.

    People get arrested for MJ in the U.S. every 45 seconds. Stop trying to make him feel stupid when it's the ridiculous overreaching laws that are stupid.
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  16. Lol behave I'm not trying to make him feel stupid I've never been stopped in 11 years of smoking and I live in the UK where its 100% illegal,closest I've come is walking out a friends with a joint on 3 police cars pulled up I threw my joint in a bush, they stop and searched me and my friend but didn't find anything and let us go on our way :hello:
  17. I forgot to add me and my friend had smoked 3.5gs before we left and the police man kept asking me why my eyes are red :lmafoe:
  18. Congratulations, do you want a cookie? UK ≠ US. In fact, every state in the US is different. Shit, every county in the US is different regarding how the cops operate, especially concerning MJ. NJ is very tough on weed. I know because I live there myself.
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  19. No need to go in a rage a you mug.

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