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Should i front my dealer money

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TokinBro, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Even if this guy is your family you pay when you see the bud, not before, shits common sense.
  2. if youre able to deck his ass, go for it
  3. OP even stated he could pay afterward

    I don't even understand why OP made a thread about this

    this is entirely something that could be answered on their own

  4. like... would they play 52 pick up? or are you talking about a game in which you throw decks of cards at another ass?
  5. touche my friend
  6. I've fronted with a friend and always got weed every time it depends some kids will others won't. I've only fronted with my friends though otherwise don't it.
  7. No, why would you front him the money?
  8. it really depends i always front money to my main guy but thats cuz he was my friend before he became my dealer

    but i fronted money to another guy... 4 months later i still cant get it out of him :mad:
  9. sayyou only have (insert number) for the week and to get w/e that can get you...see what comes of it.

    and you gotta think this way tooo....
    would he front you money if you asked?

  10. why the fuck would his dealer front him money? Don't you mean weed?
  11. I wouldnt do it with many people, but there are two or three people that I have no problem giving $100 to and asking them if they will just pick me up some next time they go to buy.

    As some others have said, you just have to know how much you can trust him. I've had best friends rip me off before over small amounts of cash. One dude I knew for well over 10 years, even shared an apartment with him because he couldn't afford that and a divorce. The bastard ended up taking off with two oz's on me.
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    Dont front it.

    i've asked for money like that. I was able to purchase alot more buddah at a cheaper price due to the fronted money. He got a better deal because he fronted the money, but i still made a buck, even tho i gave the dude a standard price. It's the hussle.

    Everyone's making a buck somehow. Just got to figure out how much you can get in on his shit, and where you stand on his radar.

    The only thing i'm ever worried about when fronting is losing my money completely. No way you can stop this guy from making whatever profit he will otherwise. So all that other talk is pointless.

    You seem to know him much better then we ever could. You decide
  14. Don't ever front money unless it's a legit business. Or someone you Really trust. And White Rhino is some really potent weed lol
  15. White rhino is good weed but do you trust him and who long do you know him
  16. you shouldnt assume because you make an ass out of u and me
  17. As long as you trust the dude and know him well enough.

    But usually you don't want to front anything.
  18. yeah I was just messing around. It reminded me of a dude whom I once called a friend who kept saying one to me when he was stoned/stupid-drunk that he would "deck my ass if I didn't shut the fuck up" so I messed around with him asking if he would even throw in the jokers and make that deck a 54 pickup
    in short, he'd never even been on a boat.

    money or weed, neither entirely make sense for the dealer to front him if he doesn't have to do it. His point is rather valid in my eyes.

    as far as I'm concerned, assoutofume isn't a word yet and you don't have to be involved in this situation so you won't even have to be an ass. only the other people will look ignorant
  19. Most people would say NO, and I normally would too but wait..

    Is he a good friend of yours? Do you have a relationship with him (friends el oh el) besides dealing? Do you personally trust him with your money?

    If you answered YES to more than 1 of those questions I say trust him, but that's just me.

    Sometimes the dealer isn't trying to fuck with you, he's actually trying to collect more bills so he can get a bigger sack which in turn he would HOOK YOU UP.
  20. As far as fronting goes, the only people I front are my 2 best stoner friends and that's usually if they ask me to spot them a gram till they get paid or till they go to the atm. Those 2 guys usually pick up from me anyway so they always get me back in a few days, and when I'm dry they'd come and smoke me up.

    In the 3 years I've known em, neither of em has ever asked me to spot them more than 1.5g and we never front money to each other.

    P.S. My gf smokes my weed all the time, does that count ><

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