Should I flush?

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  1. So my plants have been flowering since 4/20, and one of them is starting to get pretty close. Buds are looking gorgeous, the trichomes are almost all cloudy now. Should I flush all my nutes out? I use 5 gallon buckets as pots, so 10 gallons of ph neutralized water per bucket?
  2. Anyone? Please help, I don't want to end up with a fertilizer taste.
  3. Can anyone tell me if I should go ahead and flush now with almost all the trichomes cloudy?
  4. Well you are flowering for 8 weeks now. What strain do you have, and how long did it say the flowering period is from 12/12 to harvest? That will give you a rough estimate, if you havent grown under your conditions before.
    When you see the trichomes starting to turn amber, then it is up to you when to flush and what way you like your smoke at harvest.
    You cant expect someone to say to flush now, incase its a long flowering sativa.
  5. If its real stinky, a courtesy flush is a nice thing to do.
  6. Thsi is bagseed. It's starting to get pretty stinky, I like your rule of thumb there :)
  7. I notice a few clear trichomes, but they're mostly cloudy. I do think this baby is a sativa, being 36" tall and long limbed. So john, you think, if I want a more active high, I should flush when I first start noticing amber trichomes? Or wait a little longer? Everyone feel free to chime in
  8. I'm in the same boat.
  9. It's rough, I want to start flushing so bad, mainly because I can see a dry spell hittin my area soon, and won't have any bud in a few weeks. But I don't want to screw myself on my yield.

    Also, after I flush, can I continue to use molasses? What about organic ferts?
  10. if the trichs are mostly cloudy then flush yesterday...
  11. Can I continue to water with Molasses and use organic nutes?

  12. I hear your plant screaming "FLUSH ME!"
    If you see amber ones, you're on the tail end of done and it was time last week to flush. If you don't want to raise a couchlock plant, you try to harvest before they start to turn amber, so you'd flush when they cloud at maybe almost half of the trich's and pull it when amber appears at ratio of more than 1:30 in what ever you are visualizing? Might be lots of difference of opinion but that's how i do it and it works better than going by weeks of flowering, just look at the heads with light behind them and judge by that. just flush it, you won't screw anything up, honestly, it sound like it's time. If you want cochlock and in some weed it's great, you wait longer and the amber is in high proportion.

  13. No, flushing is no more nutes. The idea being that you don't want to dry the plant with all thechemical's in it, because they smoke horribly, organic or not. You'd be smoking the bat pooh and donkey pee. Flush and don't reintroduce another fert into the flushed soil, but the molasses is ok. Besides, you are going to harvest this thing as soon as it's flushed good, and sat for another day, you want an active plant, right? amber alert.
  14. I thought I was supposed to flush out all the nutes 10 days before harvest? Not the day before?
  15. Molasses isnt a nutrient, the plant doesnt intake molasses (sugar).

  16. Better flush late than not at all. That's why you were told to flush 'yesterday' in the posts, you missed your 'week before' already. It'll be ok, weed is weed, flush, sit a day or so, harvest and dry. Next time a week before, this time not a week before... and you can be the judge on this, you can flush and wait a week this time if you want, but the couch lock was something you were trying to avoid. good luck.

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