Should i feel bad?? Would you have done the same thing?

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  1. Alright so the story goes..

    This kid.. we'll call him kyle (17 yrs old) has been calling david and threatening to rape his 5 year old son.
    David doesn't know it's kyle and assumed it was me (i used to make prank calls a few years ago)
    And threatened to rape my ass with a knife, destroy my home...
    cause harm to my family, and many other worrying threats (He's know for home invasions) Break and entering in America.
    Kyle is an associate of mine i have know for a while, david is not.
    I alerted david, that is was kyle making the disgusting and threatening calls.

    Now im being labeled a snitch, for standing up against abuse of children, and protecting myself.

    Do you think i did the right thing?
  2. Who's labeling you a snitch? Thats stupid.
  3. I would tell you what id do but every time I say something I get a red message. NO you shouldnt have said who it was thats snitchin but just dealt with the dude threating your family. Just bc he home invades doesnt mean he is hard. its your family what arer you willing to do.

    Either way tell david and kyle they can get it if they come to your house. Tell them work that childish ass phone call shit out somewhere else.
  4. I'm willing to get the dickhead threatening to rape children the beatdown of a life time.

    Zero tolerance.
  5. Yes, you did the right thing.

    Kyle may be 17 but he has the mind of a 12 year old.
    I suggest staying away from kyle, bad things will happen to that kid.
    David is only trying to protect his child. Therefore david will unleash a supreme can of wupp ass on a motherfucker.

    Stay away from kyle. :D
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    They both sound soft to me bro. That phone tag shit is pussy. Do watchu gotta. David is just acting. Its doesnt take a killer to home invade. He isnt gonna go down fuckin around when it wasnt you. If he is some kinda G like your saying he will realize your in the clear so i wouldnt even worry mang.
  7. no you shouldn't because, who the fuck makes prank calls anymore?
  8. You have a 17 year old associate?
  9. He's a real smart cookie eh??

    Not really an associate, but we have done business a few times.
    He has money, that i would like to make mine.
  10. Morally i feel i have done the right thing.

    I just need to see other perspectives on this.
  11. morally you did the right thing

    the "no snitch" rule is cool when it comes to victimless crimes, but when it comes down to some thing as serious as rape/murder/what have you, then i think the no snitch rule needs to be thrown out the window

    even if this kid was just kidding, saying you would rape some ones 5 year old is pretty alarming. he sounds like hes missing a few bolts
  12. this guy thinks it's funny to joke about raping a 5 year old?

    Theres a lot of truth said in jest, maybe he needs to be raped with a knife.

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