Should I do my mom's friend?

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    So my mother has a co-worker who 28.. And she is damn good looking. Ever since I first met her there has been something different about her. She is divorced with a 4 year old kid (LOL)

    Any who, I always noticed like a real flirty relationship between her and I. Two days ago, I came home and my mom and her were cooking dinner for her daughter and my little sister. I went to my room and didnt think much of it. I heard her call my name to come down to help her find a blender piece...(they were making blender needed rofl) So I came down, and found that my mom had taken the two young ones to the store to pick up some extra needed materials, while she stayed to keep prepping. While I was helping her she came up behind me and pressed her tender breasts against my back and slid her hand across my chest from behind me.

    Trying to seduce me in my mother's kitchen for heavens sake! Trust me I am not a twinky and would gladly give her a good pounding. She is fine! But she ALSO is my moms good friend. And I felt weird.

    So I turned around looked at her square in the eyes. She looks down grabs my hand and places it on her chest. At this point I don't know WTF is going on, so before my 19 male hormones take over and straight bang her on my mommas good china I say: "I'll be back", and straight walked out my house went into my car and drove off.

    Loool...silly now yes, but I needed time to consider, honestly I'm not pussy pressured, I good sex often and my mothers relationship is most important to me. What do you all think? She looks like she just wants a good fuck, and I'll gladly help out. But i'm afraid that my mom will find out.

    Should I bang her GC or what?

    Done: Full details Page 4.
  2. Post her pic first.
  3. man, she probably hasnt had a good fuck since she got divorced! its not like shes going to tell ur mom she fucked you(her son)
  4. Put it in.
  5. Give me a few need to crop her fb profile pic (not her friend, and not about to friend request her atm!) ...need to crop her daughter out, don't wanna post pictures of children here.

    But like said she is good looking..

    from 1-10, 1 being a fat cowoman with acne head to toe, and ten being...anyone like Oliva Wilde or the sort. I'd say she's like a 7. Which is pretty impressive. Not only that a few points should be added to the thrill of slamming your mom's friend (like no disrespect implied to my mom) but you get it... and she has a kid...which would be a first for me.
  6. If she's a 7 then what the fuck are you waiting for?
  7. Also good answers "hit it" seems to be the prevalent answer....and hey I'm a dude, should be able to stick it in first and ask questions later right?
  8. My mother, Like I said I would hate for this to break out of hand. I'm back home for a few weeks during the summer while summer semester starts for college. So I could hit it, and peace out in a couple of weeks...
  9. waiting for her pic....
  10. shut up and fuck her.
  11. Do it, older women are the bomb. They will teach you a lot. At least that's what happened to me, lol I got sex and a lesson.

  12. Same here.
  13. how fat is her daughter?! whats taken so long!
  14. I think he is fucking painting her picture.

    fuck it, im going to bed.
  15. Aight good....lame pro pic... better looking real life...but this is the poison:


    couldnt figure out how to fucking upload the damn pic here....ha
  16. Do it brah, not many have the "banged my mother's friend" badge.

  17. And what a badge it is to have, indeed:D
  18. is this a real question. if my mom had a sexy ass friend id have banged her right then and there.
  19. Also to keep with GC theme I was stoned for all of it. ;P

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