Should I do it? (Xbox)

Discussion in 'General' started by falconsmoker, May 4, 2006.

  1. I have had my Xbox from the time it came out, it has always worked 100% fine, surpassing my expectations to this point. But now it is giving me problems like dirty disc errors and choppy sounds about 20 minutes into gameplay.

    Gamestop offers 50 for a used Xbox, plus I have about 20 games so that should be at least another 100. Do I make the trip to gamestop and say bye-bye to my favorite machine ever?
  2. get rid of it before its useless imo
  3. wait until you have saved 200 and then sell that and go buy yourself an xbox 360.

    if xbox surpassed your expectations, then it's upgrade would most likely do the same.
  4. Yeah, if it's messin' with your head and not workin' properly get rid of that shit. Get the cash while you can. You could keep the games and buy a new xbox... or you could just save the money for a new system. Or maybe if you have a decent computer invest in a nice graphics card or something and transfer your gaming experience to your PC. Or you can get a PS2... hell, there's a lot of things you can do. Just get rid of that xbox while it's still worth more than a cent. I made that mistake with my PSP and now I'm getting $150 for my PSP and all it's shit instead of $250 if I'd acted right away. Silly stoner (me). Don't make the same mistake.
  5. time for a new system...... if you go to game stop and sell it, get something new like a 360. but if you dont have that kind of cash get a used dreamcast if they have one. Gamestop by me had them for $30 and games are like $5 and under becasue no one wants it. I think it has all the most original game titles. But I was just playing 360 at a friends and fightnight, madden, and need for speed most wanted were the games i got to sample and i was really blown away. only thing i have to say is that 360 isnt worth that extra money till you have an HDTV to play it on, imo. let us know what you do.
  6. considering that in 2007 you will need to have an hdtv to watch cable television, most people should be getting hdtvs by then. Im glad ill have a job at best buy, at my house my parents need to place 14 tv's to HDTV's, so the discount will come in super handy then!!! But yea, I still love my xbox and I ended up getting a newer one a while back, if you have the cash i would suggest upgrading, however if you dont have the cash and can wait a while, i would suggest applying to best buy around november (if you need/want a job) , your discount goes into effect immediately and you save ridiculous amounts of money!!!


  7. Fixed, imo. :smoke:
  8. these problems are extremely easy to fix. I've had my xbox pretty much since the day it came out.. what is that like 4 or 5 years? Just this christmas I had gotten a new game and tried playing and got the dirty disc errors. Wouldn't let me play at all, so I opened up the box and got some iso. alchohol, cleaned the DVD lens and it worked fine.

    that is until i broke the whole thing. doesn't power up now.

    are you sure gamestop takes BROKEN xbox's? They do test them before they buy everything by the way

  9. I still think microsoft is the HQ for hell and all things evil.
  10. Electronics boutique is where i traded my old one in, and as long as it turned on then they took it, it only took a few strands of duct tape and some hot glue on the inside :D


  11. whoops! Someone got powned!
  12. yep i have fixed quite a few ps2s that way i acctually thought of buying a whole bunch of ps2s with disc read error off of ebay then fix them and sell them and make some money cause it is pretty easy to fix the disc read error:hello:
  13. i don't care waht anyone says, xbox 360 might not be like the technical averaged out consumer preferred best buy price per component or whatever.... but for 300 your getting a damn good machine thats going to give you alot of fun.

    if you don't have xbl you haven't played 360 yet... its like a whole nother world on there.
  14. Went to EB games, ended up with 195 dollars cash. While I was there I got jeopardy for PS2 and Super Smash bro's melee and Supermario strikers for gamecube.
  15. lol jeopardy...

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