Should i delete my facebook

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  1. I've been meaning to do it but everytime i think about it i end up like "Why delete it, i got pictures and i have connections through there that i wouldn't normally have" But it's not like i use it a lot anyways and i don't want to use it a lot in the future but who knows what the future holds? So should i? For some reason i can't make the decision by myself lol
  2. Even if you delete it, they still have everything that's there. So theres no point either way. If you don't use it, stop using it
  3. Just deactivate your page you can comeback anytime you're ready

  4. really? how?
  5. wanna know the sad part? you cannot delete it. :)
  6. Go to settings and then security and you will see deactivation then just follow the steps

  7. Thats a lie. It stays active for 2 weeks after you "delete" it but then it disappears.
  8. Your mislead. That data is on their server forever and can be brought back at any time
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    Everything ever on the internet is in some database somewhere.

    Google, Myspace, AOL, Yahoo, Amazon, MSN, Linkdin, Ebay and every site including this one isn't doing the same thing?
    If you're concerned, use a re-director like Tor and Vidalia. Or better yet, get off the internet, shred your hard drive, encase it in concrete with your computer and dump the lot in the deepest part of the ocean. That's a safe computer.
    If you have a facebook acct and expect privacy, well, then, idk what to tell you.
  10. I deleted mine when I found myself repeatedly clicking the refresh button in hope of new likes or something. Grasscity's a much better social networking site.

  11. no you didnt! :)
  12. If you leave facebook it will stalk you. Sneak in your room and hide under your bed until you fall a sleep. Then molest you while you are sleeping.

    No nipple is safe from facebook. . .
  13. I deleted my shit and it is way cooler. I used to get sucked in and read my friends status then be upset that they would post something do dumb then I would think how I am the one who read that bullshit. So I figured it was just time to get rid of it. I also figure I don't need it since I already have a girlfriend.
    Facebook is honestly a waste of time. There are other ways to be social. If you don't have a phone and that is your best way for communicating then that makes sense.
  14. Yea I deleted mine the other day. The only people that post statuses now just post some lame song lyrics or something else completely ditzy.
    The only time I used it was for looking up people I met.

  15. I'm not sure how you took me correcting your misleading statement to me not knowing a thing about how the internet works. I'm well aware of all that, also I would never use a service as insecure as a public onion router and think I was protected. I know how to protect myself well and good, my problem was the fact that you were telling people their facebook profiles disappear after two weeks, which is wholly untrue. Thanks for the free advice though, I guess.
  16. if facebook is causing you annoyance and you rarely use it then you should definitely delete it..

    but i totally know what your saying about the connection thing, same reason why i haven't deleted mine yet..but you know there is other ways to talk to people out there..

    i really want to delete mine though. it annoys me so much theres so many fucking stupid people that i know who take pictures of themselves smoking weed clearly and post all up on facebook. feel like they need to prove to everyone that they smoke or something?

    i think you should deactivate it and see what its like and if you miss it you can just reactive it and then your problems sloved :smoke:
  17. I have dealers and friends on facebook that get skettched out when peoples FB's disappear. I deactivated once and had a dealer not sell to me cause they thought I had been arrested or something causing me to deactivate my facebook
  18. i save my bong rip pics for grasscity;):p

  19. Wow, it's true that you can't delete it. I just deactivated it, and logged right back in telling me i reactivated it. So i deactivated it again and whatever.

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