Should I cut these leaves?

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  1. I have 2 little seedlings under 5 65k 23w cfl lights. they arent to close so its not a heat problem. temp is usually at around 77f and humidity is 30-40%

    the problem is i started out with crappy cheap soil and didnt know my ph levels. my plants were really yellow and not doing so good. the bottom 2 main leaves have dead spots on the tips. i have fox farm ocean forest soil now and i keep my ph at about 6

    the plants are doing a LOT better now. everyday i can see them getting more and more green everything seems to be good now

    the ends of the 2 bottom leaves are very dry and crispy. my question is: should i cut off the ends where the dead part starts? or will that cause more problems? i can take more pictures if you need me to

    thanks for the help in advanced


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  2. The round leaves on the bottom normally turn yellow and die soon after the bigger leaves start forming. I wouldn't worry about cutting any of those bottom leaves, it is normal for some of the first leaves to die after the bigger leaves start forming. If anything, cutting will only stress the plant out unnecessarily, though I think it wouldn't make much difference either way.
  3. im not talking about the round ones im talking about the lowest set of normal leaves. the round ones are fine.
  4. Mine did the same thing and I just cut it off if it was over 50% yellow. I cut it all the way down to the stalk to let the other nodes there get some light and start forming.
  5. do you think i should cut the whole thing off? i know the leaves are important to photosynthesis. 3/4 of the leaf is fine, just the end is dead and crispy.

    ive seen people cut half of a leaf of. so should i cut off the dead part or the whole thing? thanks again
  6. This guy has really hit the nail on the head for you here. :hello:

    Look at it this way... you've already admitted to having started out with questionable soil, that's one negative factor working against you. When you're growing ANYTHING you should try to limit as many of those factors as possible. Making un-needed cuts will only compound any past mistakes you might've already made. Don't do it. Let the plant's biology fix itself.

    Good luck.

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