Should i cover my planting spot?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by JJJ420, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. I live in Massachusetts and wanted to grow a decent amount of bud in my woods when the season gets here...ive got a great spot and wanted to do some preparation for next year...i have access to some pretty good sized tarps, i was thinking i could cover up a 10x10 or 20x20 foot area with tarps...would this produce some benificial results for the spring when i decide to plant? I was thinking it would stop all plant growth in the area, and i could have a nice spot to plant..sound good to anyone?
  2. It will be fine all by itseld until next spring, and then just prepare it a couple of weeks before planting time.
  3. your better off leaving the surrounding vegitaion and just let the weeeds take over. When you plant them it would look obvious if you had a barron area and a bunch of plants. clear the area of mid sized plants that will block sunlight leave the small plants under 1' and plant around them. When your plants outgrow the other plants they will do the killing themself by using up all the sun.
  4. just leave it and gorilla farm it next year.

    = "round up" in the spring in the individual spot about 2 weeks before u plant and ur done.

    if what is there is grass need to even rototil or anything like that. and the fert's are already there. maybe one feeding in the early summer.

    but u say its in the woods...make sure u have enough light. in the fall its bright but what about when the leaves are there?

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