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should i correct them

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Zapata, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. #1 Zapata, Oct 1, 2010
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    Ok so where I live I guess people like joints n blunts better but I always love pipes so I carry one to skool eaither bubbler or spoon and notice people dont let go of the carb to clear the smoke in the chamber and sometimes I correct them but other times im like fuk it but I hate to c people not clear the smoke and kno they could of got even higher and just plain not hit the pipe right
    Do people u blaze do this to?
  2. be careful about carrying around a pipe bro, thats how i got fucked by the po-po

  3. Lol iv delt with da law befor but for possetion

  4. The way you write gives me the feeling you're >18 haha.

    You really shouldn't bring (anything weed related) your pipe to school, but yeah... I would casually just give them a "tip" on how to clear it. Don't want to come off as a dick...
  5. We like blunts n' joints in texas because we like to get ripped dude, not just smoke some weak ass when your out driving doing stuff you dont have to carry a pipe or anything more that you cant get rid of...if u just carry zig-zags and ur herb you can eat the herb and be good...try doing that with a pipe...Plus havent you heard EVERYTHING is bigger in texas?
  6. #6 DMX, Oct 1, 2010
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    ^ Dont listent o that retard. Your right man I hate when people dont smoke right. Sometimes people are just ignorant and think they know what there doing. If someone aint hitting the piece right, I tell them. And they thank me for letting them know how to get great hits.

    [Name calling doesn't fly here. -FW]

  7. Haha dont get me wrong I carry zig zags to but id rather burn a bowl then a j. Well if im with a group I use a pipe if im by myself I like to roll a joint.
    To me if I share a joint I don't get as high but with a bowl idk I feel just as high if I had a j to myself
  8. is it really that serious? ok well since u asked, Yes u should correct them, go watch the extract movies bong scene, and take a note on how he schools noobs ;)
  9. #9 PinkFloyd42o, Oct 1, 2010
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    Retard? Just cause I like blunts/joints better I guess that does make me a retard huh?...Grow up man.

    Just cause you cant afford to smoke joints / blunts all day doesnt mean you have to be a jackass. :smoke:

    Plus your smoking mids soo shh...hahaha

    [Someone breaks the rules, report the post and let staff deal with it. Don't get yourself in trouble by lowering yourself to their level. Name calling just doesn't fly here. -FW]
  10. Hows Midland these days?
  11. I would definitely tell people if they wern't getting the most out of their smoke sesh. After I've armed them with knowledge, its their choice whether to use it or not.
  12. Haha man if there that stupid id just take it after and clear the chamber then take my hit. :smoke:

  13. Not to good getting dry over here but good thing I got a connect from cali :)

  14. Lol I wouldn't wanna be fuked up if they don't kno how to hit it n I never told them lol

  15. Haha well id sugguest just telling them then, they'll thank you afterwards.
  16. Lol You came off as a retard. Saying you like to get ripped so you smoke blunts. Like bowls wouldnt get you ripped or someshit. Lol wasnt trying to be a dick. I smoke hella blunts. But I can enjoy a nice bowl too. Cmon dude, look at my avatar, im a blunt man.

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