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  1. So i'm going to be in a position where there is a spare upstairs bedroom. I'll actually have the whole house to f around with but i'm starting with the upstairs bedroom.

    With that in mind, do you guys have any suggestions in terms of prep work for the room? The room is roughly 10'x10' and has carpet.

    I can make small modifications to the room. I already talked to someone to make put the outlets in the room on their own breaker. Hopefully that will be sufficient.

    I don't know how many plants i will be growing yet nor do i know whether i'll be going hydro or soil.

    Regardless, to protect the house from mold, do you think i need to pull up the carpet and line the bottom with pond lining? What about behind the dry wall?
  2. You have a lot of prep work if you want to do it properly. First of all, you need a 15 amp circuit per 1000 w light. If you want perpetual, you need a veg and a flower area. The carpet needs to come up for sure, and it would be best if you painted the walls with a mildew resistant paint.

    Keep in mind your intake and exhaust options and whether you plan on supplementing co2 or not. These decisions change a lot about your room configuration and it would help to know which direction you'll be going in now.
  3. 1000w lights pull roughly 9amps, and if you run 240v you can cut that amperage down to 4 allowing you to run a smaller breaker. i'd get a 40amp breaker with a 8/3 and run 240 to that room and use the outlets in the room to power vents/pumps etc.
  4. I already suspected needing to upgrade the electrical. Does anyone know how I should phrase this type of upgrade to an electrician?

    I'm probably not going to do c02 in the immediate future but do plan on experimenting with it when I have everything situated.

    Would 1000w lights be the standard? I keep reading 600w lights are the way to go.

    Given the room dimensions of 10'x10x', how would you divide up the room for flower/veg.

    There is also a little closet, probably something like 6'x2'x9', that could possibly be used for something.

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