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Should I call the cops on an asshole dealer for 1000 dollars?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fsujoseph, Jun 20, 2012.

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  1. #1 fsujoseph, Jun 20, 2012
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    Basically I have had one dealer for the past 8 months (just started weed). He is some asshole, lazy high-school dealer. He is literally the worst dealer you could ever imagine. He never calls you back, never replies to your texts, rips you off, charges 20$ a gram, doesn't weigh it out, calls you a pussy, etc. I put up with his shit simply because I do not have access to another dealer. Now I just found a new, nice, dealer and I am so done with him because he ripped me off 100 DOLLARS and gave me fake shrooms! It was my first time and I didn't know they were fake. So, he is a cage fighter, thug, who could whip my ass so there is no way I am fighting him, but we have a legal system where you call in as anonymous and if they catch him you receive a cash reward. I am highly thinking of doing this, because he simply had it coming to him. I also could spend that money on more weed :p. The only problem is if they check his phone and see that I texted him. So basically, would you do it?

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  2. I would not be a rat and continue living my life.
  3. i would kill him in his sleep. Then call the cops on him.
  4. Well, Karma is a bitch. Try getting ripped off 100 bucks and probably every weed purchase since he didn't weight it out. Come back and tell me how you feel.
  5. Umm, who was it that got ripped off again? There aren't receipts on the black market buddy, chalk it up as a loss..

    See the thing is you allowed yourself to get ripped off. I've been ripped before, never did I once think of calling the cops.

  6. Dont be a little bitch if you can't beat his ass then find someone who can
  7. #7 orangegrovekush, Jun 20, 2012
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    I would say go for it a faggot like this deserves this happening to him

    and the fact that he gave you fake shrooms you should definitely do it what if he had given u some poisonous mushrooms and you died? maybe one day he will do that to another person so i would say yea do it. but it would be more satisfying if u could bet tha FUK out of this kid then take all his sht
  8. dont do it no matter what he did marijuana laws are bullshit and nobody deserves to be a criminal for a simple flower no matter how much of a cunt they are. Just leave it to karma man it'll get him back.
  9. Oh yeah it was my fault for getting ripped, but he was the one that did it.
  10. And he sells molly, coke, shrooms, and more, it's not just weed.
  11. It's not like you had to buy his shit.. You ripped yourself off.
  12. go ask ur new dealer....

    u bought something n no idea wat it was n u knew it was a sketchy guy who mite rip get out on u, n u knew ur too scared to do anything bout it to stop him, so its pretty much ur fault, but ya go ahead send him to prison for a few years bc u wasted $100
  13. Snitches get Stitches.
  14. Fuck him, I don't give a shit, he's a flunky ass drug dealer and deserves to go to jail. He can burn in hell for all I care, I just wanted to see what you guys thought.
  15. Wouldn't call the cops on my worst enemies.
  16. Ill tell you this if i was a drug dealer id want people coming back to me to buy more i would give them small samples of whatever new sht i get and would always give a lil extra like half a gram
  17. Exactly, he does the opposite. He is just really lazy, and the sad thing is I live 2 miles away and one time he asked for 'gas money'. Fucker.
  18. how is he a flunky? u seem to be his flunky dude livin waitin on him bein abused by him type shit is that get a new dealer and say fuk him, dnt call the police just shit on him n dnt ever spend ne more $ with him, he obviously never needed ur $ tho n prob thout u were annoying n difficult n not spendin dealer would be a dickhead to sum1 whos good business...

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  19. What if your worst enemies called the cops on u and that landed u in jail?
  20. Really, you gotta go to an internet forum to get help with your drug dealer problems? Nobody in here can help you man, stand the fuck up for yourself or shut the fuck up and chalk it as a loss.
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