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should i call? or just assume he isnt coming?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheCoolest420, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Called my girlfriends cousin for an 8th. He owes me,.4 cuz he was short last time.

    First he said give him 10minutes. He called back 10minutes later and asked if i had my car. I told him no. He says alright give me 20 minutes.,that was an hour and 15 minutes ago. I texted him got no response. Ive already called someone else. But should i call him and see wassup? Or just forget about it
  2. All this over .4 grams of weed??
  3. I wouldn't show up over .4 grams. Just call tomorrow and pick it up with your car.

  4. All what? I wasnt even gonna ask him for the .4 since he gave me a deal. I only asked because i needed an,8th.
  5. ^^no an 8th plus the .4 that the cousin owes him

    give him a day or so. it seems as if he's trying to be super lazy (asking if you had your car seems as if hes trying to get a ride someplace from you, in exchange for giving you that .4 he owes you)
    if he still doesnt hit you up after a convenient amount of time then dont rely on him for anything
  6. Call now hurry before its too late to turn back and run so call now hurry before its too late to turn back and run so call now hurry
  7. This!
  8. Eh, maybe call or text him one more time in a little bit. You don't want to annoy him though (even if you are a customer in this situation)...

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