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Should I buy?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by texas_virus, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. I just found a glass shop in the city i'm in and just have one basic question for you guys.

    I am not a newbie and owned a few pipes bubbler and now a vape.

    While the vape is amazing, I feel like swithching it up a bit. The place doesn't have anything amazing just basic stuff, but I would like a glass bong. They had one along the lines of the pic below. It is about 7 inches and pretty thick. Would you guys buy this for 30 bucks? Or would you recommend me waiting for something bigger and better? I mean for the price it feels it good, but 7 inches in height is pretty small.?


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  2. i'd grab one if that is all they had. ask if they have anything bigger coming in first.
  3. i would wait... try to see if there is any other shops, or prices.. personally i prefer glass on glass, and some sort of lurp gaurd. but hey! if you like it go for it! they do look pretty funky and cool colored
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  4. NO! do not buy that
  5. seven inches is a little small.

    ive owned smaller bongs in my day, back in the day (havnt we all?)
    i still own a couple bongs well under two feet.

    i'm not very tall, but i'm a big man with big hands and a big head, etc. small bongs often leave me feeling like i'm going to burn myself, or just i'll just feel silly trying to manipulate the small pieces.

    maybe its just me, but i think a bong should be at least a foot. otherwise a bubbler is sufficient in my opinion.
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  6. alright thanks ive decided to go with a nice bubbler instead. thanks for the help +rep to all of you
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