Should I Buy This?

Discussion in 'Planes, Trains & Automobiles' started by FID, May 25, 2013.

  1. I know some one with a car like that forsale to but he wants 4k

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    i prob wouldnt, just seems like something you re gunna throw money at. Anyways nice to see someone else from the 508. Also slow, mid-80(or earlier) MB's dont do it for me unless they re diesel. I probably wouldnt buy a MB that old, that cheap, that was not a diesel
  3. its a cool looking car, and looks pretty solid, but if you're not capable of doing your own repairs/maintenance, don't buy it.
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    This, although a diesel can be costly to repair, once its solid, it stays solid. Diesels have better longevity and they actually have fuel options! 
    i vote yes if its a diesel. see and hear it run in person.  
  5. Buy it and slamm that bitch with some fitment
  6. That thing could cost you a ton in repairs if the problem isn't something simple. Good luck finding an engine for it that wont rip you a new one
    dear god...
  8. Honestly money isn't an problem for me at all. I owned another mercedes before this one and kept it going for 3 years with regular maintanence. I can't do the repairs myslef BUT my dad does and we wants to do a project like this with me and teach me about cars. So should I go for it?
  9. I think that would be a cool project car. I say buy it if you got the cash, no loans or paying anyone back.
    It could be a money pit but what project car isn't.
    How many miles are on it?
    The guy driving it is kinda young, i was picturing a really old guy owning it.
  10. if money isnt an option then get it. once this car is back in proper form, then you will have a solid ride. remember, these cars were engineered on the Autobahn of the period. that is to say it would be able to hold 100 mph consistent.
  11. How can you say no to a old beautie like that I would grab that car in a heart beat.
  12. For $1800, hell yeah buy it.

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