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Should I Buy This Illadelph?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by wiebs2334, May 18, 2010.

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    I was at my local head shop and I saw a green illa beaker bottom but it seemed a bit too expensive. It was 375 for a straight tube. Its the one shown in both of the pics. The ash catcher is not included.

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  2. That is sick looking piece of glass, Id justify that price if the ash catcher was included.
  3. Sorry I have no input but ever wonder how much these glass blowers are making off of us? It's a piece of fucking glass! What the fuck!?
  4. anything over 200 for a str8 tube is too much ... shop around for 375 u can get a sick piece. I got an HBG with 2 six arm open ended tree percs diffused downstem n k clip for $200 w tax at my lhs
  5. If you can afford the Coil Condensor, go with one of those. But find a shop that holds a variety of Illadelphs so you can vary your decision.
  6. I have an 18 inch illy beaker a bought a year ago and only paid 200, I think you should find a new shop.
  7. Ya man, thats insanely over price.
  8. Whoah, nah bro, way over priced, i live in philly where they make illadeph, a nice illadeph straight, should only be like 200-250$, atleast here it is.
  9. dont waste ur money on a coil condenser...looks school but ur spending money that could be better spent on a toro or sovereignty
  10. way over priced. the head shop is making as much as glassblower on that thing.

    shop around online, plenty of good sites with solid glass for same price if not cheaper with higher name comapnys like roor, toro, and sg.
  11. Way too much
  12. That's exactly what I thought! They had the clear Illadelphs for $250-$275 i dont remember exactly because i was a little baked when I went in to check them out. I asked why two pieces of glass that are the same height, thickness, and company could be $100 more. The only difference is the glass is clear on one and green on the other.
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    If anyone else has suggestions on type of bong. I was thinking of spending up to $400. I wanted a piece with fairly thick glass, beaker bottom, ice catcher, preferably with a perc or ashcatcher. Im not a big fan of the all clear bongs either.
  14. Yeah thats way too overpriced. I don't care what brand name it is, i'm not ever paying over $300 dollars for a bong.

  15. straighttube TORO with disc percs for 315
  16. If you're not set on Illadelph you could get a sick Sheldon Black :D
  17. Do they make Sheldon Blacks with a tree perc n ice catcher for 300 or less?

    I'm not set on Illadelph. Any other suggestions?

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