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Should I buy an ounce?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SubLiMe947, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, I have been a lurker for this site for several years. I have toked since I was 15 very lightly and have been toking heavily this summer. I have frequently bought quads, eighths, and g's from my dealer.

    I don't have a job atm, but I'm looking to get one for when Senior Year Starts of my high school.

    Recently I just eBayed a whole lot of junk and I have a budget of 350-380. This is enough to buy me an ounce of dank.

    Is it wise for me to buy an ounce now? I can say an ounce could last me around 2 months if it was just for myself.

    Also, with an ounce I could maybe distribute some to others and make some profits.

    Good idea or no?
  2. Go for it. Remember that you may think an ounce will last you a long time, but have you ever actually had that much before? You're likely to smoke a LOT more than usual considering you're not going to run dry as fast. If you think you can conserve then go for it
  3. Yeah, I think an ounce can last me a bit inz. I smoke about .4 regularly and school is starting up soon anyways so that will force me to cut down a bit.
  4. you're gonna start smoking more if you get an ounce.......I say do it
  5. bad idea. you will smoke through it in like 1-2 weeks and then regret spending all your money on bud.

    get your broke ass a job first, and don't advertise to the world that youre like 16
  6. btw you arnt going to make money on it at that price. you would be lucky to make your money back while staying high during the few days it takes to sell it all
  7. ^^LOL. I'm not 16, I'm going to be a senior this year good one...
    Second of all, an ounce would definitely not last me 1-2 weeks only. A quad lasts me over two weeks, and that is with smoking with people too....

    Thirdly, I live in Illinois, so the prices here are a little different....
  8. i thought an ounces would last me 2 months. i bought an ounce, had 28 grams of dank sitting in front of me, and accidented 5 grams in one night.

  9. go ahead and do it. You will be blazing constantly though. from personal experience, having o's sit around doesnt really help you at all. You basically will be constantly blazed until the thing is gone.

    You have to have self control. You cant roll up joints or pack fat bowls multiple times a day.

    You should try to limit yourself to 0.5g a day. That would give you nearly 2 months of smoking. It will also keep your tolerance low so dont you chief hella blunts and then lose your high in like 1 hr and then roll another one.
  10. yeah, and like I said, with school coming up soon, I doubt I will be toking more than .5 a day
  11. There's an old chinese proverb that says "he who buys an ounce doesn't need to buy weed for a while"
  12. you should learn to think for yourself and not require others opinions on matters of this nature.
  13. The problem with me, Is ill sit there and be like "Fuck yea dude, u got an ounce. Fuckin blunt."

    Rolls fat blunt, smokes fat blunt, 30 mins later...

    "Shit dude, U just got an ounce, U can afford to smoke a little more."

    smokes like 4 bongs

    2 hours later, fat joint.

    Then I have half of what i had to begin with in 2 days tops lol.

    I just cant handle having too much and making it last, I gotta get a buncha small bags.
  14. best idea ive heard in a while....if i was you id be all like....
  15. ^What the poster above me s..... All glory to hypnotoad!
  16. that second spongebob picture is hilarious,and that episode was one of my favs thats for sure.

    to the OP why not buy an ounce?
    lets look at some of the pros and cons for a min

    pros:have good supply of weed,get it at cheaper price,dont have to worry about picking up for a minute,and dont have to risk picking up(i.e:get robbed,arrested)

    cons:tolerance will probably increase,the weed might go dry without proper storage.more of a chance of getting robbed making the buy,or more of a chance of getting shorted.

    this is just a small list i thought of off the top of my head,i suggest if you ever have a decision your not to sure of make a list like this and look it over and ask yourself this;do the pros outweigh the cons.
    good luck on buying it if you go through with it,and remember to post pics!
  17. Hey man. I say go for it. In my years in highschool I did the same as you. Buy grams with friends, maybe a quarter or a half to sit on and share a bit. But recently it's been all about Ounces.
    You get a better deal, you always have bud, and we're not allowed to talk about distributing here on GrassCity, but I'm sure your friends will be calling you a bit more often after you pick up.

    Toke on! :hello:
  18. Dont buy an ounce man, when you haev that much weed you just think that it will never run out and waste it, just buy smaller amounts, plus the benefit of that is your not stuck with an ounce of the same bud and can try a bunch out.
  19. excuse me, 17....

    whatever you say man. ive purchased so many ounces like youre about to and i can tell you from experience it does not last you that long at all.

    You think you have a lot of bud, then you start selling bags to buddies, smoking, whatever, i garuntee you you will not have that same ounce of bud longer than a week or two. And you would have to sell it at 20/g just to get your cash back...

    i would only buy the ounce if it were super dank, bud that you would not get tired of smoking a whole ounce of, and dont sell any of it. seeing as how you don't have a job and are broke as fuck
  20. Great post. I think I am going to do it. But btw, when I do buy should I ask my dealer to weigh it in front of me or no? Should I bring people? My dealer is very chill and has never jipped me yet, I have picked up from him a few times. Just I never picked up more than a quad from him so this will be very different.

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