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Should i buy a grinder?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ramones4d, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. I'm headin down to the smoke shop tomorrow and i was thinkin about purchasing a grinder. Ive never really used one so i'm not that familiar with them, but is it worth dishing out 20 or 30 bucks for one?? Oh ya btw I would only buy one with a kief catcher if i were to get one.. So wat do u think GC?
  2. I say that they're a very good investment. Having a kief catcher is definitely an amazing thing. Thinking about all the frosty goodness I've lost over the years on my fingers makes me sad. Get a high quality grinder. A good one will last you a very long time and serve you well.
  3. eh ya maybe i will so i can collect some sweet sweet keif :)
  4. yes grinders are worth it
  5. Very very very worth it. I <3 Kief

  6. Keif is DA BOMB :smoke:
  7. well it really depends because if you usually smoke out of a bowl u don't want it to break up too much but if you smoke blunts or joints a grinder can save lots of time
  8. ya but cant you just not grind the weed that much. Just a few times back a forth maybe...? before you grind it into complete dust?
  9. that grinder is trash it was one of my first ones gets the job done but look for A better one
  10. They can be nice I guess, if you get a grinder with levels it's sorta nice to open up the bottom some day and see a nice surprise of kief waiting for you. :D But, I don't really use them, I like picking my weed apart, gettin my fingers nice and sticky. :smoke:
  11. pointless thread yea buy a grinder saves time ,breaks up weed easily, equals better smoking!!!
  12. how does usin a grinder mean better smoking u are dumb
  13. that why i hate posting on here cause of idiots like you.. when weed is broking up better if u smoke in a blunt it wont "boat" the blunt if u no what that means? it makes it easier to smoke .... peaceeee
  14. Fuck blunts.
  15. get one, even a very simple one piece ,10 dollar sharpstone is way worth it
  16. #18 weedidas, Feb 20, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 20, 2009
    Grinders are good for many reasons. pack better bowls, role, and others. Probably something you dont of is they leave the weed just as potent as you had it in bud form. When you break weed up with your fingers, alot of the heads of the trichomes stick to your fingers, and the heads are what contain MOST of the cannabinoids. With the grinder, the trichomes that would otherwise stick to you get cought in it and/or the keif catcher, and you dont have to handle the herb as much, so you also dont waste some potency.

    Keif catchers arnt necessary unless you want to press some small hash or smoke pure keif.
  17. Ya, now that i think of it, you do lose ALOT of the trichromes when grinding with your fingers. And yes i would love to smoke pure keif! Pure keif is the shit lol
  18. dont come in here on your high horse like you know shit dude, making a boat blunt is the roller, not the weed

    and yeah get a grinder

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