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should i buy a gram?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by soserious, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. I just got paid on Friday. Spent 20 on bud. Went to the movies/dinner. Bought a few shirts. I now only have 134 dollars to my name.

    I feel like smoking a fat ass blunt tonight. Hotbox then just chill by myself.

    But I been smoking all weekend.

    But ik I'm gonna want to smoke again next weekend.

    Should I buy a gram today for ten dollars ? Or just save my cash so I can buy an 8th on Friday ?
  2. I'm bored as fuck btw
  3. if you think the weed will be worth the price your paying. or get a qrtr for 100
  4. Thats tough. Get a gram if its only 10$ because thats cheap, around by me dubs run 20$. You'll have enough for an eighth?
  5. 10 dollars a gram isn't cheap. It must be pretty potent if you're paying straight up.
  6. I would wait for the eigth man... I love the feel of pickin up an eigth ha
  7. i'd say save your money, go get high next weekend or whenever you can get your 8th. weed should be a luxury, don't make it into a strong habit you waste your last few dollars on
  8. I would probably buy a gram for $10 smoke half then smoke the other half another day.
  9. If I had $134 to my name and no bud, I would soon have $14 to my name.
  10. OP sounds unemployed. :(

    Buy a gram, smoke it enjoy. Next week if you want an eight buy it. You'll still have around $90.
  11. I found some roaches. Was around half a gram or so. Hot boxed with them out of the pipe. Bought no bud.
  12. if you can only get a gram or eighth , wait for the eighth, but ten bucks shouldn't hurt your pocket too bad :smoking: you gotta smoke when you want to!
  13. next paycheck you investing in a bong....

    and then your sessions will double

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