Should I Be Worried?

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  1. Soil: organic vegetable garden mixed with peat moss and vermiculite
    pH: ~7 (might be too high?)
    NPK: I think all levels are good, but potassium might be low.  I did use a cheap, single use soil tester.
    Age: just over 2 weeks, almost getting to 3
    1st shot ever
    Germinated in a mason jar, broke the glass to get the plant out and transplanted after just over 2 weeks. The small leaves are dying off, as they are supposed to however the bottom set of leaves above the seedling leaves are yellowing, turning a little brown and curling up a bit.
    There are also some spots on the leaves which I figured could be Magnesium deficiency.
    The 2 liter is to keep the rain from drowning the plant, since it has been raining a lot lately.
    What do you think Healthy or do I need to change a few things?
    Pictures attached
    I have been looking around the forums for the past few days trying to diagnose the issue, but havent been able to pin it down yet. The yellowing seems to be getting worse and I would like to take immediate action to save her!


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  4. Thank you. It might be a little on the alkaline side, should I add some lemon juice or leave it alone?
  5. Ph of 7 will express an iron deficit in most soil mediums.
  6. Thanks Ill go look into that now. Ill report back tomorrow
  7. What does everyone think of my pictures?
  8. You see those burnt tips? That's indicative of Mn deficit. Manganese is best absorbed starting at ph of 6.5... @ 7 your off 5 times ph imbalance.
  9. Damn, alright thanks.
    Should I just water it with some acidic water, something like lemon juice mixed with water? I am organic and would prefer natural.
  10. No Sir, you should not give acid... they Need Mn, and it'll only be available in nutes in chelated form. You could get some greensand but that's very slow absorbing and costly.
  11. Are you misting your plants at all?

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