Should i ask my parents to smoke inside?

Discussion in 'General' started by IHOPafterToking, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. I WANT TO SMOKE INSIDE. Period. I mean, whenever its nice out, i go for long walks a smoke a bit and enjoy the nice weather. But i live in New England and that calls for terrible weather like 50% of the time. My parents know i smoke, and my mom WAS a stoner. She "looks the other way". Should i just ask them to smoke inside? I mean, it would be pretty fucking sweet to blaze in my room without any worries. :smoke:
  2. I think it is pretty funny that they know you smoke, and don't let you do it inside.

  3. Really? A lot of people don't like their house smelling like cigarettes or weed because somebody else is too lazy to take a step outside.
  4. I ask em to all the time, well my mom more than my dad. Both know I smoke.

    Wont hurt to ask, tell me its private in your room, then being outside, try to lay sound ground rules and probably help out more around the hosue and get a job maybe too, if ya dont have one.

    Just communicate.

  5. If I had a son or daughter that blazed, I would rather them do it inside the safety of my own house, then risk them getting arrested.

  6. There is nothing wrong with asking, especially if they already know you burn.
  7. i believe hes referring to staying on his own property, just not inside. but still not out in the open public.....a huge difference

  8. Thanks man, ill ask them the next time i come home stoned (i tend to not over think things when im high, and just do things on impulse) lol
  9. Do it anyway, dont smoke a joint or a blunt. You could probably smoke a whole bowl out of a bong in your room and they would probably never know. ..... if you did it right. Just cover up the vents. Otherwise just ask them if you dont want to live a life of sketch.
  10. I wouldnt want my house smelling like cigs or weed
  11. [​IMG]

    best shit ever. pick up a can. just dont spray too much because than the orange smell is suspicious on its own.
  12. hell yeah you should. and keep it smelling fresh

  13. I have a can of air wick in my room if that counts.
  14. I used to just blaze in my room and my parent's never knew, i used to open a window and breath through one of those nifty little inventions with the toliet paper roll tube thingy and dryer sheets
  15. Lol get outttt. There is like 1% chance of getting caught just walking around. Unless you're driving or someone in your neighborhood is a dick theres almost no chance of getting caught.

    OP just step outside. Ask and if they say yes then more power to you but if they say no just say okay and take it outside.

  16. That should work. All I know is ozium is overrated.
  17. i smoke by my window so they dont get pissed.. If anythin my pops will tell me to cut back a bit cause its startin to reek :smoke:

  18. Im not saying that im just lazy and dont feel like smoking outside, thats not the point im trying to get at. I was just asking if its a good idea to ask my parents.. its not a matter of whether i get caught or not.

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