Should i ask her...?

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  1. So I need some advice. This girl and I have been friends (not that close) for quite sometime. About a month ago I started feeling more intimate towards her, and we kissed. The next week we hooked up alot at a party, and the following week she came over and we madeout. In the past two weeks we haven't really been able to hangout at all, and things seem to be growing apart. I think I still like this girl, but I don't know her take on the situation. I plan on hanging out with her this weekend, but I am just confused. We haven't texted that much for a bit now, and I want things to go back to how they were weeks before. I knew she liked me alot then, but I don't know if she's just moved on. I want to know how I should go about figuring this whole thing out. I plan on asking her where the situation is at between us two, but I don't know whether I should just text her quick and simple, or just wait until we hangout again this weekend. Should I just wait and see where things go from there?
  2. I'd spark a conversation in text than ask. It sucks when you feel led on by a girl but its even worse when you completely lead yourself on. Plus I'm sure not knowing what's going on must suck.

    Good luck on whichever you choose man
  3. Pretty sure if you guys hooked up then she likes you dude. Text her, but start casual.

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