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Should I add more nutes when I start budding?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by killercripple, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Ok im going to flip my plants over to 12-12 on the 20th this month. I growing in a home made hydro system and im using advanced nutrients Grow Micro & Bloom right now. I was wondering if I should add any other advanced nutrients nutes for my budding weeks. I was thinking Big Bud and B-52, But since im new to growing hydro I thought it would be better to ask before I start adding more nutes.

    If there is anything else anyone need to know just ask, please. Ill do my best to answer
  2. YES, I personally love using liquid karma threw my bloom period. Really all i use is a 3 step,( grow-micro-bloom), and the liquid karma, big bud, and a sweetener in the last three weeks. if you want to use the big bud use the karma too. you'll be happy with the results. Keep your water temp below 72 degrees f and your ph 5.8-6.0 and you'll be okay. and remember its better to use less nutes, then more. you dont want a 2 week waiting period of no growing, if you nute burn your plants. besides you cant force the plants to intake more then they want. Well good luck let us know how it works

  3. Would it be ok to use the karma and big bud threw the whole budding cycle?
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    I use AN connoisseur with big bud, pk 4/8, sensizym and overdrive and they all work perfectly together as long as you keep your eye on ec/ppm and dont do what the bottles say (obviously). You can use big bud for pretty much all the flowering phase bar the first and last weeks if you arent using overdrive. I'll probably be getting b52 soon too.
  5. Yes you can use karma in different strengths threw your entire grow. Just use less then it says on the bottle. I think it says like 15ml per gallon but i use 3/4 of what it says to use. Get it you'll like it. Im going to use Overdrive this time in the last 3 weeks of budding with the last week of just water.
  6. OK this is what I ordered and my ruff feeding chart.



    BIG BUD - WEEKS 1,2,3,4,5


    Does this look good?

    I already ordered the nutes. So id just like to know if im feeding my plants right.
  7. Sounds good i think the overdrive is used in the last 2 weeks of nutes. I just got more karma today it says 10ml per gallon but i did 7ml. I think your on your way to a tasty recipe my freindsmoke..........................:smoke:
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    if youve got like a 9 week strain u wanna use big bud for weeks 2-6 and overdrive for 7-9 overdrive works for much longer than 2 weeks imo, you should flush after your bud has finished. ive never used liquid karma so i cant tell you anything about tht. also you should use an ec meter instead of guessing with the doses as AN are quite strong nutes and the reccomended dose is wayy high
  9. Sounds like you're on the right track, though I haven't used Liquid Karma before.

    I like this lineup right now:

    Sensi A&B Grow
    Sensi A&B Bloom
    Voodoo Juice
    Big Bud
    Bud Candy

    But I'm planning on switching up to the next bundle and adding Piranha and Final Phase.

    Pretty darn excited about it.

    good luck and use about 25% less than the AN nutrient calculator says. Super strong nutes, like someone else already said.

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