Should he be mad at me?

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  1. So last night, me and my friend go out on the town for some fun and we go to a club to pick up some women. My friend is not the best lookin, and not to brag, but a lot of people have said I look like a movie star.

    So we go to the club, and women are throwing themselves over me and my friend is kind of lonely, but 3 hot women wanted to come back to my house and have a 4 some, and I'm not one to turn down a 4 some so I agree and I tell my friend I'm leaving and he says "WTF, your leaving me!" and I say "Calm down man, its a 4 some. WTF do you want me to do. You live right down the street from here, you can just walk" and he says "Fuck You Im outta here!".

    So he storms out and I go home and have a 4 some, but the thing is he isnt talking to me anymore. To me, it should be an unwritten rule, that if one guy is about to get him some, the other guy should kinda get out of his way. Am I right? Or does my friend have a right to be mad?
  2. You could have tossed your friend the ugliest girl out of the bunch.
  3. u coulda tossed him a bitch man, but if he knew that yall went there to get hoes then he shouldnt have got pissed
  4. yes u suck at being a friend

    3 women and u couldnt invite him along.

    i bid u good day
  5. Shoulda tossed him a chick...........if .....and only if this was true
  6. you could have built your boy up and gave him some help if this is true. which i doubt it is, cuz if you were scoring threesoms why you on a weed site. pics of gtfo
  7. That's dirty and you should be ashamed. A foursome is sick, but to just leave a bro like that is not cool.
  8. Why are you guys so quick to say this isn't true you never know and being on a weed forum has nothing to do with getting pussy. You kids need to grow up
  9. Should've made it a 5 some with your friend.

    If the balls don't touch its not gay.
  10. You guys know that stupid replies like this are starting to result in infringements, right?
  11. you watched them run a red light.....then ran it yourself as an example?:eek:

    I should turn both your asses in !! "infraction"

    J/K. :p:smoking:
  12. I think the word you're looking for is infraction. It is an infringement on the rules, which results in an infraction.
  13. Lighten up Francis. It's a funny pic for a BS Pandora's Box thread. If you're so concerned with what's appropriate, why quote Hitler in your sig?

  14. Id say that was a dick move on your part. I would understand if you picked up one chick and told me to find my own way home. You had to fuck all 3 girls at once? You couldnt have thrown some pussy your friends way?
  15. I think your friend is being a bitch about it. You scored, and he didn't. Also they are women, not candy bars. It's not like you could just "toss one his way." If they weren't interested in him, they weren't interested.

    It's not funny. It's not creative. It's about as funny as if you posted ',mcxzsbgajhkgldlgfhalfdgyhoszcxflkhfrusaytshl;fhsiflk'
  16. From your story it seems like a 4some isn't new to you. If this is the case you were a total dick.

    On the other hand....if you had a once in a lifetime opportunity to fuck three chicks at the same time....your friend is a dick. He should be a good wingman and realize most people will never experience this level of awesome.

    In short, if you've done it before you are in the wrong, if you haven't he is in the wrong.

    Edit: Fëanor brings up a good point. Throwing him a girl most likely wouldn't have been an option.
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    You should call, or text or email your friend and say, "If you had the chance to have a 4 some, would you or would you not have left me too?" But guessing how his mad, he probably would say "NO! Bros before Hoes!"

    I just hope you wore a condom OP. Those girls sound like they have been around the block a few times :bolt:
  18. He was jealous simple as that just call him and explain to him how having a 4 some doesn't just happen everyday and it will all be water under the bridge
  19. probly around the city a few times

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