Should he be charged with 1st degree murder of an officer?

Discussion in 'General' started by mushroomsatsuji, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Police Brutality Forgotten Police Dog Died After 13 Hours in a Car

  2. That's fucked up. How does one forget there dog in there car IN THERE DRIVEWAY?
    Shit, my dogs are like my family, would be like leaving my baby in the car.
  3. Yep, he killed a deputized police officer. If I shot a police dog, they would charge me with capitol murder. Cops dont deserve any breaks.
  4. "Oh shit, has it been thirteen hours already since I left my car? Well god damn, I thought it had been like 5 minutes tops... hopefully ol' Bandit is okay out there."
  5. Absofuckinglutely, that wrenches my fucking heart hearing that. I love my puppydog.
  6. 1st degree murder of an officer? No

    Should he still get in some major trouble? Yes

    FYI: You can't "murder" an animal.
  7. No, it's a dog. He should get fined, maybe charged with animal cruelty.
  8. I think they should lock the cop in the car for 13 hours and if he lives good for him
  9. at first i was going to say no, but than i saw he forgot the dog in his car in his DRIVEWAY? how do you completely forget about him? idiot, he deserves some sort of punishment, but definitely not first degree murder.

  10. If a citizen kills a k-9, they get charged with murder (well, sometimes, somtimes its a felony, depends lol)

    thats why this thread exists
  11. I understand that. That doesn't mean it makes sense.

    You can't murder an animal.

    I wasn't saying the OP was wrong, I was just throwing out that bit of info.
  12. I totally disagree that murder can only be applied to humans, though that is unfortunately the legal definition
  13. He should be forced to sit in said SUV in the hot hot sun for 13 hours. If he survives, he's a witch and shall be burned promptly, if he dies, he dies a guilty man.

  14. By semantic definition, no you can not. Can you willingly, knowingly and pointlessly, kill an animal, yes.... and what makes their life worth less than ours?
  15. Yes he should what happens when a person kills a police dog ?? they get charged with 1st degree murder so he basically killed the dog from lack of care he was responsible so he should be jailed.

  16. I dont think the term "murder" defined is restricted to humans, but if I walked up and shot your dog for no reason at all, would that be murder? Sure aint animal cruelty. I guess I care about dogs too much.

  17. No matter what constitutes murder I hope this officer gets the book thrown at him.

    While I don't see a dogs life as equal to a humans I obviously still don't support the killing of them (I have 2 of them!).

    Actually most of the time they do not. He should still be spending a few years in prison imo. I don't really see it happening though unfortunately.
  18. The article is from 2009 anyway.. Is his trial soon or something? or is this just a topic thread..?

    IMO,. fuck yes he should be charged.. at least with something, but i think it this point, it doesn't matter/its too late to care.
  19. No i don't think he will either :( ^^ Allot not all but allot of police wrong doing is over looked.
  20. People have already said it but a civilian can get murder for killing a k-9 dog

    He should get in trouble for sure, idk about a murder charge though. It's not like he purposely did it....people forget sometimes. I'm not defending this guy but he doesn't doesn't deserve a murder charge

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