Should be easy diagnosis? Very detailed Info on plants......plants tips dieing taco

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    I have 5 plants 2 lemon diesels 3 decent light green

    the room is 6ft tall 4ftx4ft

    the light is four 4ft t8 32watt bulbs (2 light fixtures boarded together sloped on the side to direct light to the center like this) /\\\\\\
    temps usually 78 (space heater)(its outdoors)

    plant are between 4 and 8in. from light (trying variations of node spacing (some tall some short n bushy))

    started all in moisture control MG and transplanted 2 regular plants to 5 gallon buckets with miracle grow garden soil (trying different soil to fix the problem and might be working)(maybe)

    not a very sealed box but made with plywood and 2x4's very stirdy but has lost of air gaps

    no fertilizers yet their already about 1ft-1.5ft tall im just afraid to burn them because of MG time realease

    PLANT PROBLEM---------------------------------------------------------------
    the tips of the leaves started turning brown kinda light at first then just turned straight to dead leaves and very brittle like a dead leaf but only the outside edge

    then it would start to get worse and would get down to half the leaf and i would just crumple the dead material off

    the leaves started coning up and the tips were just dieing

    one of the regular plants actually lost whole leaves now its just a stem with a little bit of leaf material and the new leaves are actually dark dark purple but their tiny and shriveled up

    the two regular plants that i put in the MG garden soil looks pretty good they only got the browning on like 2-4 fan leaves and all the new leaves coming out are looking perfect but i dont know if its going to still get worse or what.......

    the 2 lemon diesels just lost the 2 leaves that first come out (not the seedleaves actual leaves) but their doing fine in dixie cups about 6in. tall half MG garden soil and half moisture control

    #1 Suspect____________________________________________________________
    My tap water has pH of 8.0 and in order to lower and test it i use pool chemicals.....

    i put high strength pool pH DOWN and put about 6 crystals (looks like salt) in a 5 gallon bucket and that will usually take it to about 6.5 and ive been usuing this water to water my plants with

    #2 Suspect_______________________________________________________________
    Is Miracle Grow really that shitty i mean damn.......
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    It isn't that the MG soil is shitty, the time release nutrients are just unpredictable. From your description, it sounds like you have nute burn, both too much nitrogen (crispy leaf tips) and too much phosphorus (purpling of leaves). To be safe, flush the plants with 3 times the volume of water as your pot holds (example: for 1 gal pot, flush with 3 gal water) and let the soil dry out for a few days. This will not only help flush the built up fertilizer salts, it will help leach out the time release fertilizer pellets. Once they are dry, add nutes at 1/4 strength. Your Ph doesn't sound too bad, just try to keep it stable.

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