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Shotties around the world...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Grandmaster H, Nov 12, 2002.

  1. "Hoof da bong ya" comes the cry from Oscars Place, a local tokage spot in the city of Bristol, England where I live.
    Somehow a couple of Germans were at our tokage place and had participated in one of our groups favourite bong methods:
    (Unscrew the bowl from your bong and whack in a small horizontal slice of cigarette of about 5mm (Your downpipe should be about the same diameter as the cigarette slice). Then pile in about 5mm deep of bong-mix (pure is preferred ;) ). Light up and toke slowly until it shoots then take your finger off the hit hole/shooter whatever u want to call it. TRY NOT TO COUGH! this about the time u realise you should've got some water before u started :p
    If you havent tried this you REALLY HAVE TO! Its fucking ace!)

    Anyway im interested to hear what you people call shotties, i have heard some variations including "pottie" and "shotgun".
    Thanks and plz include where ur from im compiling some data for a website that should soon be up called "Oscar's Place".
    Thanks for ur time,
    Grandmaster Sensimilla

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  2. Nah sorry its not coke its Ketamine! !
    Heres what the picture shouldve been:
    (PS The bong is named Aragorn its really nice....)

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  3. I smoke medicinal cannabis for my arthiritis and I regualaly do shotties.. and they are very good for your health!
    My doctor prefers me to do shotties than smoke joints or even bongs.. shotties unique hit not only helps sooth the pain but also helps to strengthen the lungs and help general smoking.
    Shotties are also usefull for those suffering from constipation.
    Thank you for bringing to light this brilliant and healthy way of smoking.. i can only hope that more people could adopt it as their chosen smoking method.
  4. wtf. this thread is interesting to say the least. anyway. what is this now? tobacco mix is no good anyway let alone in a bong?! is this right? and "shotties" here...Shotguns...are hits given off a nice big fat spliff or blunt from someone blowing, cherry in mouth, out into someone inhaling the other end..thats as far as the term shotgun gets thrown around here.
  5. yeah, im lost with this post too.

    is this about coke or something? cause i saw a picture or something...

    i've heard of rolling a blunt and adding a little bit of tobacco i it, to make it burn abit longer, but the method you talked about lost me.

    anyways... confused
  6. I have received e-mails from many people in the U.S. and some from England, I have heard the term Shottie before, and it was described as in Sensimil's post, where the joint is put in the mouth cherry-side in and the smoke blown out the other end for the recipient. The recipient can either inhale the stream of smoke through their mouth or nose thus performing the shottie. I have also heard this move called, a noach in louisiana, and a namloos in the Netherlands. Also, someone mentioned this as possibly also being called a shotgun. In arizona, a shotgun is simply clearing the bong fast and hard. As you can see, his research is not nearly as advanced as mine, so I wouldn't bother with the site. My current site contains nearly all the information he is currently researching, plus new features in development. Also my site isn't developed by people who blast cat tranquilizers up their nose ;). heh heh. j/k no harm no foul.

  7. shotties w/ bleys only waste your shit, just bout anythin else is kewl doe. i see you gost a thing for k, k, ketimeine, huh? (me too) shhh.
  8. I haven't heard of shotties being used as the name for a "Blowback" (cherry end in mouth technique). Here's a pic of me experimenting on animals with the blowback :D

    PS. Animals had given consent for their use as test subjects ;)

    Anyone have experience with other animals and getting them mashed?

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  9. What is that, a turtle?

    heh heh
  10. No it's a ladybird, why would i have a minute turtle on my garden bench? U trippin B.
    U guys are all american u dont know about english toking. Over here we dont use blunts as much as spliffs - which we roll with tobacco from a cig or rolling baccy. And we get KING SIZE RIZLA so hahaha. + It's Class C and we can only get a maximum of a caution if were caught with over eighth. :p

    I have some bud from Afghanistan at the moment!
    Its really good :D

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