Discussion in 'Movies' started by dc199, May 21, 2010.

  1. SHottas is probably my favorite movie. its about 2 jamaican dudes who extort their way to the top of miami. i really suggest you watch it. its like GTA in movie form.
  2. Tek tha what an leff tha what? ya sound like a Pussyole.
  3. Not o mention Ky-mani marley is the main character badass movie
  4. about to watch it, hope it's good.
  5. Watched it last night after i saw this thread and i must say i definately enjoyed it, like another poster said it was definately a badass movie haha and what a crazy ending!
  6. I've watched it like 5 times, i dig it..:smoke:
  7. I watched this movie a few years back with my cuz. Funny shit. Bloodclot!
  8. sick movie i havent seen it in like 7 years though
  9. gd movie but wtf were they saying haif the time lol :smoke:
  10. I m big fan of that game and had played so much, I'll definitely watch this movie..

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