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Short-Term Memory Loss is Wrong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KnowNoSeeds, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Hey there:cool:. I was smoking the herb this morning and I came to this conclusion about short-term memory loss. Us stoners do not forget what we are going to do, we get side-tracked because we're thinking a lot, which is a good thing. Am I right?

    I'm stoned:smoking:
  2. Weed makes me think less, it makes me more calm. I'm always having racing thoughts all the time (while not high, of course.)
  3. Yes and no
  4. When your doing everyday things, Youre brain will automatically remember things that are worth remembering, When you smoke weed, It doesnt automatically remember like usual.

    So pretty much, All you remember, is all that u were concerned about.
  5. I never understood how annoying and HORRIBLE racing thoughts were, until the last few weeks I've been finding it harder to start meditation (like once or twice) but it's so annoying.

    Can't clear your mind, ARRR
    Must suck, I'm kinda of a naturally stoned dude.
    Since before I knew what it was, I've always been asked weird questions about my being on drugs and shit AKA I'm one hell chilled dude, calm relaxed.

    Weed must be a godsend for you people like that.

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