Short stuff seeds and the Super-cali-haze

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  1. So I got this freebie and it's growing wonderfully. Here is the link


    My questions are:

    1. Should this move to a 12/12 light schedule or stay on a 18/6?

    2. Can I top it or take cuttings from it?

    Any help is appreciated!

  2. BUMP......

  3. Don't flip, keep her @ 18/6, 20/4, or 24/0 to maximize yield.

    She flowers by age not photoperiod, so no cuttings, you can't keep them vegging.
  4. Any other opinions.....

  5. Is anyone growing this thing other than me? I haven't topped it or even tried to train it. It is already about 2 feet tall with 60 days to go. What should I do? Advice, GC gurus, PLEASE???

  6. Haven't grown out that one yet, but am curious.

    I do other ruderalis hybrids. Keep it under full-spectrum 24\7 lights and feed when necessary.

    Until then work on your patience. Harvesting early is disappointing to everyone involved.
  7. i am growing their freebies of blue himilayan diesel and the haze auto.The haze is growing very well and the buds are looking and smelling fantastic.The BHD is flowering very slow.
    But it too is looking good and the smell oh man the smell is sweet.Cant wait to harvest.
    Also got 5 power skunks 3 days in flowering and 2 big buds flowering.The PS are femmed but the BB are not and I think 1 is a male.Will know by tomorrow for sure.
  8. UncleMick can u post some pictures of your Cali Haze. I have that seed in my collection and would like to see how big yours is. Err...plant that is...

  9. Sure - Here it is. She was thirsty when this picture was made.

    SCH 2.jpg

    Along with a close up top cola shot!

    SCH Bud.jpg

    I don't know what to do with her. I am trying to use 5-26w (2 above and 3 side lighting) CFL's on it but she has outgrown the height of the space I have. So now the above lights are really beside lights. I could bend her over but I am afraid to hurt her.

    Any suggestions?

  10. I saw this earlyer today and i really want to try this..

    Would it be possible to LST and Scrog it enough to make it fit in a PC case?

    Ive been craving some goood haze =D
  11. I would say to get more lights if you can afford it. The more side light it has, the more she will branch out and get side colas going. Should stop the height growth and encourage more bushing.
  12. ok so i have a cali haze growing under 18/6 and its 60 days old from seed and it has no signs of flowering and its about 45 inches tall??? it has hairs but no signs of bud its still just growing leaves. How old is your Haze???
  13. do you mean its showing pistils coming out of its calyx when you say hairs? If so then that is the beginning stages of flowering
  14. Wow! That thing is huge?

    And that's the Super Cali Haze correct? Which is an autoflower correct?
    That's crazy, I read that the strain does get tall but thts outrageous talk for an autoflower...

    Imma have to grow mine next!
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    Ya its in a 3 gallon smart pot its 60 ish days old. Is it going to be a full 120 days in 18/6? it has pistils poppin out but its had those since day 20.
  16. Good morning all! I will post new pictures later today of this Piece Of Shit!
    Today is day 92 of this auto for me. I have at least 3 more weeks to go. When I got it, I read 100-120 days and thought "No way does an auto go that long" Boy was I wrong. Not only has it taken FOREVER, but it also has really spindly popcorn buds. I hope it fills out before it's all said and done.

    Thanks for listening to the vent!

  17. Nice would love to see a picture of it! heres mine at 88 days and still no signs of bud, i moved it up to a 5 gall pot with mostly coco and perlite, ive also started it on sensi grow and bloom nutes to hopefully increase its yield, ive also topped, super cropped and lst-ed the shit out of this mother fucker.
  18. damn dude u just converted me, im all for the super cali haze

  19. I thought you could not lst or top the autos?I have a super cali haze that is 5 weeks old and just started really flowering but starting to get little buds.:hello:

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