Short Pipe = Resinated Lungs?

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  1. So I keep running into a problem with one of the pipes I own, it was originally part of a mini bong that broke, but I figured I'd save the short metal stem on it for emergency purposes.
    Well the first time I used it, I ended up getting sick for about a week or so, coughing, lungs were rattling, and coughing up phlegm which had bits of black, brown, and green in it.
    One thing I noticed about the pipe is that even after smoking a whole 1/4 through it, it didn't collect that much resin.
    Well I recently smoked some resin out of it about a week ago, and the same exact thing happened to me. 
    Is it possible that by using this pipe, the resin is failing to collect on such a short stem, and simply collecting in my lungs instead? Has this happened to you before?
    Don't worry folks, I have a nice glass pipe that I use (just need a better pipe for smoking resin through.)

  2. If it doesn't have a screen.. You have probably been inhaling resin.
    That's why you don't smoke resin.
  3. There's tar in your lungs if you smoke, doesn't really matter what tool you're using.
  4. Probably just a coincidence that you have lung and phlem issues when you toke with it...but if you are anything like me, twice in a row and my Pavlovian response says "not using it again" whether its coincidence or not. Good luck.
  5. Result of experiment: smoking resin through a short metal pipe might cause coughing.
    If you're that hard up for weed, try a more efficient method like vaping or edibles. :)
    Yeah, I'm pretty sure the pipe is the culprit. I smoke tobacco too, but I don't start getting a cold and hacking shit out of my lungs until I use that pipe. I will however keep it on me for future use (say if my glass pipe breaks), then attach it to a water bottle or something, since it was originally a stem for a bong.
    Well I cough regardless of whether I smoke green or resin, but each time I used this pipe I develop cold like symptoms and hack up black smeared phlegm. I'm not too hard up, thankfully I have a job, and re up every other week or so.
  7. Stop smoking and EAT your WEED!
    I put the lighter down and never looked back.
  8. If it's really that much of an emergency, can't you just take a pen and an apple and make a few holes?
    People make all kind of fucked-up makeshift paraphernalia that's bad for them.
  9. Back in the 70s we would take an empty toilet paper roll, cut a quarter size round hole about two inches from one end, push a bit of aluminum foil into the hole making a finger impressed bowl in the hole, punch tiny little holes in the foil bowl and there ya go. Suck one end, cover and carb the other.....
  10. My lungs hurt just reading this thread...
  11. I have all sorts of inflammatory issues with my joints and have been looking into cannabis paste to eat....decarboxylate some, leave some uncooked....the problem for me are all the idiots out there posting videos claiming the stuff cures cancer, sinusitis, inflammation, gout, epilepsy, etc, etc....fuckin snake oil salesmen.....turns me right the hell off...cant wait for some real science on the matter.
    That sounds pretty awesome for situations where nothing else is at hand. 
    There are several studies proving that cannabinoids cause apoptosis (death of cancer cells) and treats many on top of many more ailments. Google up Granny Storm Crow's list for an immensely wide archive of information on the subject. 
  13. As my first post on this website I am honored to say that is the most gnarly thing I've ever heard and the fact that you said it was in the 70's just tops the cake my friend. I really hope that story is true and also respect for the Ricky picture dude TPB fucking rocks
  14. It is too true my friend....too true.
  15. I always get a lung infection type thing around this time of year but it was worse in previous years when I smoked cigs. I'm not saying it is the cigs but it probably is man, there was only one type of bud I smoked that did that to my lungs but I've never had it happen out of a pipe and I've smoked hundreds of pipes over the years. If it's really bad to where you can only take half breaths or you cough up a lung go to the doctor and get some antibiotics. I stayed high on the antibiotics and it cleared up every year. Could be allergies too.

    On a sidenote, have you guys seen tpb live at the North Pole yet? It's nice. Also if you haven't seen the 3rd movie don't legalize it. The full movie is on YouTube. It will be on Netflix in a week or two though.
  16. sounds like a toxic reaction of some king. well to me anyway. i would throw that fucking thing away before you get lung cancer or cough one of them up. :metal:
  17. The 70s eh? Damn lol I guess that's an old trick, did it just a few years ago, buddies and I thought we were being creative  :laughing:
  18. Dont smoke resin. Thats for broke teenagers.

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