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    Hey guys i have currently a small personal grow in a closet grown in a mix of mostly peat moss and perlite and hummus. The plant seems to be very healthy but my one concern is that it is growing very short and bushy but is almost 4 weeks old! It is around 4 inches tall and the roots are goring extremely fast i just transplanted about 2 days ago and the roots are starting to show along the edge of the peat moss!! i am wondering how  long until i should switch to flowering and why it isn't growing long branches
    also i am wondering if it is looking healthy! Thanks alot By the way it is EXODUS CHEESE grown with 6 x 26W 6500K CFL
    (sorry for posting twice i wasnt sure what sub to post in) IMG_0600.JPG IMG_0601.JPG

  2. What kind of lighting are you using?
  3. 6x26W 6500K CFL
  4. Could use a few more. Have you done any training?
  5. That spectrum keeps the plant short. Add in 2700k
  6. no this is my first time grow and how many more lights were you thinking?
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    2+ will give 1000+ more lumens. You want 10,000 lumens per square foot.. minimum.

    Also try tying the plant down so that the side branches can shoot up.
  8. my lights are 1600 lumens each

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    Hey joe,
    Listen, work more perlite into that soil.. Ie slowly add perlite every day 
    Let me  just say ive never said "O NO, ive put too much perlite"

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