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Shivering Love?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Starblazer7117, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Hey guys, Grasscity newbie here, so I just had a guy tell me he has some kind of strain called Shivering Love... I've never heard of that and its nowhere to be found online. Does anybody have a clue what this strain may be? He mentioned that it's an indica. Any help is greatly appreciated! :love-m3j:
  2. Probably a name he thought sounded cool

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  3. "Shivering Love," AKA brickweed with a hefty markup for creative license.
  4. I'm sorry but, what is brickweed? I'm still a fairly new toker lol.
  5. Weed compressed into 1 pound bricks and whatnot... often bricked up without properly being dried or cured and has a hay/grass smell... typically comes from mexico

    Grow journal
  6. Ohh, gotcha.
  7. Sounds like he made the name up to try and sell more:confused_2: people will make any random name up to try get more sales, the ones that make me laugh are "super skittle seizure kush" shit like that cracks me up:lmafoe:
  8. Damn that's lame as fuck LOL. Wow smh, people I swear. Well now Ik he's most likely full of shit, thank you. Hahah. :laughing:
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