shivaratri: a holyday to toke in nepal...

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  1. as i told u i am from nepal, n the best part is we have a national holiday in march.. its called SHIVARATRI.. its the b'day of lord shiva.. lord shiva is often called mahadev meanin the lord of lords.. n the sick part is he got dreadlocks n he smokes pot n on his b'day the whole nation smokes pot.. although it is illegal to do so.. n since i am a hindu n a shiva devotee all i am tryin to do is walk in his steps n try to toke as much as he does..

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  2. Tradition of Bhang,Holi Bhang,History of Bhang


  3. ppl call indicas bhang in nepal. we rub our hands on it n make hash out of it.... in nepal lot of good weed grows but they just dont know how to grow it or harvest it or cure it.. with my knowledge i will have some good weed for the winter n for the summer n for ever....
  4. Is Shivaratri the same thing as Holi, or are they two seperate festivals?
  5. they two separate holidays, holi is the celebration of the start of spring
  6. Ah okay thanks. I didn't think they were the same but growing up in America makes it hard to believe that a country can celebrate not one, but two super awesome cannabis-filled festivals of joy. I've got to go visit India again...
  7. i saw the taboo episode about that holiday on national geographic channel pretty interesting but all the dudes smoking were chiefen some SHHHHHHHmiddies

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