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"Shiva Crystals" Hash pics

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by Lebowski, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. This name brand hash called shiva crystals has been around dispensaries in california.
    Its very high quality water extracted hash. I payed a rediculous 60$ for a gram of it, but its really quite strong, and its been topping my bowls for 2 weeks now and i've gone through about 3/4. Just a sprinkle (15-25 crumbs i think) and the bowl is instantly kick ass.
    Its basically a little less potent than moderate hash oil.

  2. tell me insurance pays for some of that. if not, what is the point of mmj if no one can really afford it? either way, that shit looks delicious. wish i could get it.
  3. No insurers cover anything MMJ related afaik.

    This is pretty luxury, theres still a selection of good strains around 45 bucks for an eighth.

  4. thats not too bad. :hello:
  5. Very very wicked. Very.
  6. looks yummy nice one
  7. omg....looks like some rock candy. i'd put that shit on my tongue and let it dissolve like sugar

  8. The thought of eating it straight up crossed my mind several times, but I know thats a waste.
    It looks a lot like brown sugar.
  9. looks great man!
  10. yea man for $60 a g fk that lol. it does look like brown sugar, how does it smell?
  11. $60/gram that shit better brush ur teeth, and suck your cock

  12. Thats very similar to what i got a few months ago.. My guy calls it glands for some reason? It looked just like what u had. That shit was the only stuff that was getting me high for a few weeks! I would throw it in a blunt or on a bowl and get lifted! He sold me 3g for 60 too! Wish i lived in the South Bay still...
  13. Looks amazing man.

  14. Hi I bought some shiva crystals about two days ago but I am unsure on how you use them correctly. They were effective when I smoke them off aluminum foil, but I'm not sure how to use correctly when they are on a bowl. Can you please explain to me how you smoke them this way? thanks!
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    Your gunna want to use a Hash Dome, looks like this. You use the provided needle to ignite the hash, smoke goes in the bell/dome, inhale.

    That hash looks CRAZYYY potent lebowski, price is a littttttttttttle retarded.

  16. Looks crazy ^^
  17. that price is shitty. my friends parents are licensed caregivers and they have a crop of bubba kush plants. after harvest they use bubblebags and make the sickest hash ever. they call it golden double bubble bubba hash cuz they bag it twice and it gets golden brown and gnarly as fuck. and i only pay free ninety nine per g.
  18. that toro is nice as shit they are makin alot of those style bongs i c

  19. You don't NEED a hash dome though. You can just put it on the top of a bowl and smoke it just like you would regular bud. You'll just get 10x higher
  20. Wow, give me some !

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