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shity nights

Discussion in 'General' started by 010010ryan, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. when you dont have weed.

    im about to smoke a bowl mixed between some ooooold assss res, weed left from a roach and some good ole tabacco....

    its rough these days :/ but hopefully itll put me to sleep
  2. usually every morning i have to scrape a little resin to get me back to sleep.
    but i also feel you about not always having weed.
    i smoke weed everyday. but don't always have it. hahahah.
  3. Yeah there is countless times where I am stuck taking res hits till my glass piece is hot enough to cook a fucking egg, guess you can call it sooner problems

  4. yea, erryday.
    i just ran out last night and didnt feel like reuping tonight... though it turns out my dealer reuped fml
  5. been blessed latley
    steady stoned

    it gets better
  6. i scraped around my night stand where i roll my blunts/joints and scraped together enough loud for a bowl!!! i think it was this guys positive vibes ^^^

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