Shitty morning turns out excellent :)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MCODE, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. Alright so I wake up this morning, just chill for abit then start worrying about what I worry about most days, money and weed. I currently have neither so I figure mine aswell try and round up some change for a 5 piece. So first place I look is in my moms 100000 purses just for spare change, first thing I find is a lighter, second I find a bag and it looks like some old crunched up chips that she left in there at fist then I notice a stem im like holy shit thats weed lol, atleast a good 2 grams. So im like sweeeeeet, but what gets me is I know for a fact neither of my rents smoke weed and ive never had them book me with more than a .3 and that was once so how did this end up in one of my moms ancient purses?
  2. MCODE: i found this in your purse. care to explain?
    MOM: its not mine! i was just... holding it for a friend!
  3. I think the real question is how are you going to smoke the weed.

    And face it, there's only one reason why it would be there. If they have never taken more than .3 from you, and you dont have siblings who smoke, either Mom or Dad likes to relax at night.
  4. yea the peson who posted above me is right...
  5. man I'd smoke it. Whats she going to do? Shes not going to be like "hey, did you smoke my weed?"
    And if your mom tokes, thats cool haha
  6. ^^ lol. I wouldnt worry too much about it. Make take just enough for a bowl so she doesnt notice. If she does ask you about it then confront her about her smoking and then it should end with smoking a bowl together lol.
  7. Awsome! Love fun surprises like that. It's like finding old money in your pocket, except it's old weed in your mom's purse! I say sneak a gram and leave the rest... just in case she finds you smoking again later on, and you can pull this out of your hat. Keep a close eye on it, she might move it. Happy tokin :)
  8. I would take a bowl or a spliffs worth.. she pays for all your shit probably.

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