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Shitty looking weed gets me insanely high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tripful, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. Usually when I am low on cash I buy lower quality weed from my dealer, when I did so I bought a quarter oz of this stemmy, really moist, brownish weed and expected it to be horrible. It smells like low quality bud and gets me INSANELY high. I feel like I am having a full on trip after a few bowls. It doesn't seem like a weed high because I get intense visuals and have intense realizations (things not normal to me when smoking weed daily)

    So my question is, what could be the causes of shitty looking/smelling weed getting me incredibly high?
  2. Mabe it's a good sativa some of them have fluffy shitty looking buds

    there's certain accidents where you may be drunk and on drugs.
    but it's going to happen weather you are or your not
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  3. Who cares why it works so well, buy more of this cheap powerful weed now before he runs out.
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  4. You can't judge a bud by its' cover. Shitty looking weed can have a lot of THC. Beautiful bud can have low amounts of THC. Until you smoke it or take it to a lab, you don't know. Whatever you do, don't mention this to the guy you bought it from. He's obviously never smoked it and doesn't know. Neither does whoever he got it from. That works in your favor Get hot weed cheap my friend, go buy as much as you can.
  5. Yeah I agree with this 100% I have had great looking and feeling weed that I got nothing from but something that doesn't look amazing will get me super high!
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