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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by livelaughlearn, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. i was doin' laundry and i forget my ipod on the table so i fuckin rush back downstairs from my dorm and its fucking gone (all in 2fuckin' minutes) at fuckin 3am in the mornin'. fuck my life, that ipod touch was my life...fuck and i'm already broke as shit. and i just bought new headphones cuz my last ones broke and now i fucking dont have a ipod. fuck i am fuming right now.....adsfaeiofjasdgkljad;skfja[efijadkf

    sorry had to vent somewhere.:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  2. livelaughlearn
  3. i'm more in a RageAngryDestroysomethingwithafuckingbaseballbat mood right now.
  4. I'm sorry dude. My touch suffered an untimely death awhile ago.I still suffer from the loss.Best thing to do is count it up,wish karma on whoever took it and start craigslisting a new one. I still dont have a new one yet.
  5. Sorry for your loss, that really sucks bwalls. But I know how you feel. Had my first iPhone stolen about a week and a half ago. Now I hold on to my iPhone 4 for dear life. It sucks having something taken from you.
  6. I know how you feel, my first touch I had gotten for my Birthday was stolen as well. So many shitters in the world. An actual old "Friend" (Pffhhhhhh) stole it, denied it forever, never admitted to it. Little fucker. I meen if you left it down in the wash room of your college, of course somebodies gonna steal it though, you can't expect anything else. You shouldn't of even brought it down there, and since you did you should have at least had it in your pocket dude...
  7. I feel ya dude i just got my $200 camera, and my $100 dollar fisheye lens stolen... so pissed.
  8. i feel for you man, its a shame we depend so much on technology. but i would go crazy if my ipod was stolen, i live and breath music. i keep it with me at all times just so that doesnt happen.
  9. yea thats the reason im pissed. not cuz it costed me200bucks, but all my music on there. i cant live a day without my music....seriously.

    now igotta sell all my bud to get me another one....oh well.
  10. Here ya go, man. :D

    [ame=]YouTube - Daniel Powter-Bad Day (lyrics)[/ame]
  11. Whats a Ipod?
  12. Just pack a fattie OP, shit happens
  13. Well, you can still try and get it back.

    Make a note saying "I lost my I-pod here (insert time/date), and I know someone from here took it, come on bro, just give it back, I'll even reward you with a fat ass blunt."

    Wait for a reply
  14. Not to belittle your issue or anything, but...I think that if what you said there IS actually the case, take the opportunity fate has given you to unplug for a while, seriously.
    Best of luck finding it though...eventually...
  15. that blows! && soo early in the morning too.
    hope your day gets better.~

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