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shitting in bush before rotation?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Wykyd_Green, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. So were chillin at stoner bench about to smoke a waxy bowl when my buddy needs to take a watery shit! His dispotion started to get panicky and jumpy as he proceeded to grab some leaves and dip in the bush. After words i was like nah im not abouta blaze with you das gross, luckily we have hand sanitizer. Anyways would you burn with a before roto bush duecer why or why not?
  2. Well if its my bowl and my weed, I will smoke it whenever I want to...And that includes when im shitting. If it's not my weed then I would understand if you don't want to smoke with me. haha
  3. He took a watery shit in a bush..? That's awesome lol
  4. /facepalm no, just no
  5. Many many years ago a close freind of mine wiped out (litterally) a full pack of king size rizzla's on his ass at the base of a tree!..tbf he normally only needed 1, maybe 2!
  6. Socks are like $1 a pair... I don't fuck with leaves, especially not with a watery shit.

    I'd maybe see if anybody has another piece for him to use, but I wouldn't want a watery shitter in on the rotation without some sanitation.

    Although I'm sure I've smoked with as nasty of things without my knowledge.
  7. I'd smoke him out and ask him to make me a chocolate milkshake afterwards.
  8. #9 Wykyd_Green, Aug 14, 2011
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    Dude you gotta be black to come up with a slap like that. { middle line} haha jp. But that was straight comedy me n my buddies were dieing.
  9. to be honest that shit would have gotten lit when he was squatting in the bush
  10. I fucking lold
  11. I thought "shitting in a bush" was like... slang you made up for like.. coughing up a fuckin lung or something xD
  12. poop is cool
  13. SHIT HAPPENS. As long as he didnt shit all over his hands i wouldnt give a fuck, especially after hitting the pipe a couple of times while hes gone.
  14. That is fucking gross, but there is a resolution to this lol, just smoke it til the roach and give it to that poor fucker.
  15. Non of my friends shit in bushes nor do I lol.
  16. Sorry bruh. GC Is going to need some pics of your homie and the alleged watery shit. Only then we can determine if he gets in the rotation.
  17. He just wasted perfectly good bong water

  18. Somebody sig this LOL :smoking:
  19. #20 Wykyd_Green, Aug 14, 2011
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    Lucky blade.. Lucky lucky blade.

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