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  1. Hey guys, i had a meal with this girl which i paid for at the end, had an awesome time, we both mentioned hanging out again, and at the end she said a lovely time and gave me a hug. 2 days later I text her saying I had a great time and that i hope she had a good weekend. No response. This was about 4 days ago, I've seen her briefly since and she said hey first and smiled, but it was in between class and we did not have time to talk much.

    I have not made any move to follow through on our plan to hang out again, even though we really hit it off it seemed, because of that text she did not respond to. Am I reading too far into it? Should I make a second date happen or is she not down?

  2. Tell her it bothered you that she did not reply. I mean you looking for love right? Be yourself and be honest.
  3. I'd say keep trying dude. Maybe the text didn't go through? I have verizon and my ex had t mobile and we had the hardest time texting. I'd have to resend shit like 10 times sometimes.
  4. Next time you see her,ask her if she got your text message.
  5. yeah, im assuming she got it but didnt respond. its ok tho if she didn't, i just cant decide if it negates our good date, and then whether i should make that second date we mentioned happen? What do u guys think, if she got it and didnt answer, is that indicative of anything?
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    Ask her if she got the text, likesomeone else suggested
  7. Well its been a few days now and I've already seen her since lol, but since she already told me in person she had a lovely time, perhaps she did not feel like she needed to respond. Either way I am just trying to figure out if that was a hint for me to go away. Mixed signals.... fuck that shit!! lol.
  8. if you're looking for a response always end it with a question. it's only been one date, who knows what's really going on. if you played it alright there shouldn't be any reason why she isn't interested. tomorrow's friday so see whatsup with her tomorrow night.

    but yeah mixed signals are lame i dont fux wit it
  9. arnack, yeah, im gonna go for it anyway. im thinking of waiting on friday and not contacting her till saturday to show her im not clingy or needy and that my weekend plans do not revolve around her. Im thinking a short text about that second date maybe saturday afternoon.
  10. Don't mention the last text when you talk to her, just ask her if she wants to hang out. Also, as a rule of thumb, you should always ask a question when you send a text to someone you wanna date - they're much more likely to respond that way.
  11. Yeah hehe I know that now. I'm definitely not gonna ask aobut that other text, since it was like a week ago and she's smiled and said hey since. The part thats killin me is the uncertainty! But my friends have convinced me to wait out the weekend, at least friday.
  12. honestly man, you should've texted her saying that. try to minimize your texting unless your actually holding a conversation with her.

    hit her up and try to hang out again. just forget that text and the fact that she still hasnt responded cuz theres so many variables that could have happend.

    maybe she texted u back and it didnt go through and shes on the other side freaking out. who knows.

    so just forget about it and see if she wants to hang out again. either text her saying, lets do something to week or if u see her in person ask her that way.

    best way right now i think is to ask her in person. catch her in between class and ask her real quick.

    theres still hope man, just play your cards right

    edit: what grade are you in? if your still in hs then im going to suspect that shes still has the mindset of playing games. just incase, don't text her until she texts your first. the ball is in her court so its her move.

    stay strong haha
  13. You noobs really need to learn the game.

    She ain't given you ANY mixed signals. You ain't asked shit DIRECT like you SHOULD. She's waiting on you, and you're waiting on her, what the fuck are you expecting her to jump on your dick? You actually gotta put your foot in it if you want a chance of jumping round in the dirt.
  14. send her another text, if she doesn't text back hit her with: Please respond. shit works everytime
  15. Lol, i'm in college guys, on the later end of things. And yeah i only see her once a week on campus so i don't want to wait that long. Ima send her a text tomorrow afternoon and then it's in her court.
  16. Lighten up dude :smoke:

    Let your crazy girlfriend be the one who freaks out about not getting a response to a text :D
  17. No response to my invitation 2 days now. Sound about right to call it quits?
  18. dont call it quits...dont expect anything either

    just meh...
  19. Yeah i'll be seeing her in class in a few days, not really sure how to go about it. I guess i will be cool but not go out of my way to talk to her.
  20. This is so fucked up, i'm in a very similar situation, things got complex through text. Talk to her in person and ask her out again, you'll be able to tell by the way she responds wether or not she's interested. Don't mention the text.

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