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  1. Yo, I smoked like 2 grams over this weekend
    Friday - saturday - sunday

    I didn't smoke for a month before that and I'm not a chronic smoke (well I am, just not that kind)

    Anyway if i work out for like an hour a day at the YMCA (running, basketball, working out, etc)
    Will I be clean by the end of next week?
  2. Depends on how you are tested. Pretty sure it takes 3-6 weeks for it to clear out of your urine. I think it can be detected in your hair for 3-6 months? I remember in the Olympics a few years ago, someone tested positive and they were only exposed to 2nd hand smoke. The tests are very sensitive.
  3. drink some vinegar the night before you go like two shots. if its pee youll pass

  4. Well thats the thing.

    THC has a half life so If I dont smoke for a month or two THEN smoke one night, it should be out of my system in 5 days max.

    I smoked only like 2 grams so I should be able to flush that right out working out and drinking right?
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  6. working out is the most important than because it is stored in your fat. If you drink some green tea it will also help the process. It may take longer than a week tho, i would say like 2 maybe a little more but not a whole month.
  7. drink a shitload of water and exercise.. spicy foods also help

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