shit went down :/

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  1. Today me and my friend... hugo... went to an alley by our school to smoke some weed. Some prick saw it, called the school, gave our descriptions and the security van picked up my friend (we were done by then going back to school) because he was skipping algebra. I went back to lunch and enjoyed my high.

    then at the end of 6th period I got picked up by one of the mans lackeys. He made me sit in a community room for about 6 min. I was later called into the dean's office. the dean and some bitch interrogated me for about 40 minutes about where I was 4th period and what I know about the weed. I tried to cover our asses but ofcourse it didn't work out. (they talked to him before they talked to me). once they told me what happened to hugo I started covering my own ass. I told them all I did was look out for people while he was hitting it. They searched me, found nothing. Then they told me to go back to the community room and leave my phone on her desk. (she would've looked through my messages I bet) but I told her I will only leave the battery to it. The last thing we did was call my mom and the white bitch told her my friend got caught for holdin' and I was with him the period he smoked...

    he got suspended and won't be taking his finals. ( they found his G)
    system created another SuperSenior...

    I hate them so much :/
  2. well its what u get for skippin school to smoke a bowl...why cant u just wait?? bringing weed to school is one of the most retarded things to do

    but as long as u got no bud on you they cant do shit...u can laugh in their face...but they cant do shit
  3. yeah I've stopped bringing it a while ago

    I got paranoid and thought they will fingerprint us and the can :/
  4. you should of just kept denying it. deny deny deny!

    and dont skip and smoke dude.... big fuckin mistake and this is exact reason why.
  5. damn thats messed up. not letting him take his finals so he fails, thats just not right
  6. yeah but denying will only tell them I can come up with nothing... plus the others spilled the beans

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