Shit vanishing - mods moving things???

Discussion in 'General' started by fukface, May 8, 2011.

  1. I'm losing my mind and don't care to find it. I went to Reply to a thread and it turned into not there, as in vanished. I got a 404 blahbahdeedah and then when I went back to the the forum the thread was gone. So I was in the thread when it vanished. hehehah - I was lost in a vanishing thread and transported 404 land! Fucking awesome shit there man!
  2. Pretty simple here, mods deleted the thread...I invision a future 404 placement for this thread since it is pretty much useless.
  3. Yeah - like any of them are USEFUL! Now that's brilliant...
  4. I thought it was pretty brilliant myself.
  5. yeah but by replying aren't you actually contributing to a useless thread's significance and thereby rendering it less useless?
  6. That's the brilliance of it.
  7. It's all beginning to make sense now. Murkiness is becoming clarity. This is profound.
  8. I just posted in your thread.
  9. Now this getting way outta hand!
  10. Yeah, brilliance is brilliant like that.
  11. You have been enlightened.
  12. I am not going to post in this thread.
  13. You'll find out things aren't quite so simple pretty soon when this fucking idiotic thread gets deleted while you're in it. Then you can start a new one about being in a deleted-deleted thread...
  14. Soon to be down the rabbit hole.
  15. 404 Error: File not found
  16. You jest...
  17. What? This fucking thread still exists??? I 'm going back to watching how the terrorists are going to destroy all our imaginations as they have broken through the wall in Imaginationland.
  18. The mods are electronicly stalking you OP, and are on their way over to drill holes in your roof and steal your song lyrics.

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