Shit, van broke down, now what?

Discussion in 'General' started by CoinOpBoy, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. So I'm on my way to work today in my 1990 econoline conversion winnebego van depicted here:


    The freakin ignition switch broke, I filled it up at the gas station (48 dollars). Then I went to turn it back on and the key just turned, the radio was still on, but the key didn't do anything at all! super lame man...

    On top of that I promised this chick I'd take her to Baltimore this weekend to see the aquarium and nightlife and whatnot. So I've got a hundred bucks.

    I gotta do a number of things before I can drive the van to Baltimore from Harrisburg PA and back.

    Replace ignition switch and lock/key.
    Replace air filter.
    Replace spark plugs.
    Replace oil and oil filter.
    Replace transmission fluid.
    Replace hose that connects radiator to engine (currently replaced by a garden hose)

    How much work am I lookin at here? Can this be done by Friday?
  2. ohh a trip to auto zone and 60 dollars or so you can have it fixed in a couple hours

    easy stuff

    replace the air filter thats easy

    spark plugs are easy just pull of the spark plug wire and take them out put the new ones in after you gapped the plugs to spec depending on yoru engine and model

    drain the coolant unscrew the clamps for the busted hose pull it off put the new one on and clamp it down with hose clamps

    changing oil is easy you miht not even have to jack yoru van up if its high enough

    easy shit man yeah it can be done by the end of today if you wnted
  3. sweet van, i know nothing about cars so yea, looks damn comfy.
  4. 60 bucks I can handle, and I think I can get my dad to help me do all the repair work...

    The things I do for girls like this

  5. dear lord shes fineeee beat that shit up man
  6. Replace ignition switch and lock/key

    I just had to do this on my dad's 93 dakota. It took me about an hour. It can be kindof tricky, making sure everything is in the correct spot as you put the ignition cylinder in. It is extremely important that you follow the directions!

    Replace air filter

    $10-20, should take you about 2 minutes to change.

    Replace spark plugs

    $1-2 per plug, depending on how easy it is to get to the plugs, anywhere from 1/2 hour to 1 1/2 hour. You should also purchase "anti-sieze" when you install the new plugs, to help prevent them from seizing in the head. ( broken spark plugs are a HUGE FUCKING HASSLE.)

    Replace oil and oil filter.

    $ 15-20, for both, 1/2 hour - 45 min, inspect the car while you are doing this.

    Replace transmission fluid.

    the prices will vary on this, since to replace trans fluid (I'm assuming you have an auto) you will need to pull off the trans pan, potentially replace the gasket, you should replace the filter while you have that off, and then several quarts of fresh trans fluid.

    Replace hose that connects radiator to engine (currently replaced by a garden hose)

    $15-20, 1/2 hour to 1 1/2 hour, depending on location.

    Good luck!
  7. The reason I think I need to do all this work aside from the ignition switch and stuff is simple.

    When I'm on the highway sometimes the van struggles to get to 65. and struggles to get to 60 up a hill. Sometimes the transmission slips for a split second whenever I'm accelerating from a very low speed. Gas mileage has been on the overall decline sine I first purchased it.

    Are these symptoms a general tune up can fix?

    Also theres one more strange thing going on: Whenever I reach 60 miles per hour I start to hear a very deep rumbling sound, I've been told it sounds like my driveshaft is a littlebit offcenter or something, any ideas?

    Now granted I have driven it to Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, New Jersey, and New York City since I bought it in May.
  8. yes a tune up can fix most of those things I think your trans needs to be flushed and have the fluid replaced

    and the 60mph thing im not sure might be your drivesaft I have no clue I drive a import lol

  9. Yes, your driveshaft may be out of balance, for example, it may have either been hit/damaged or, a balancing weight may have fallen off.

    You determine this, and adjust this to a point at home. But, if you aren't 100% sure about what you are doing (raising the car properly, and then having it on jackstands, you are running a real danger to yourself, and your car.

    A tuneup probably could help alot of those symptoms. Just make a note of what happens when the noise occurs, where you turning, accelerating, was it raining, going over bumps, etc...
  10. The only time the rumbling ever occurs is when I exceed 60 MPH.

    My dad also said something about universal joints.
  11. Reminds me of that episode of That 70's Show... Haha.

    Good luck bro!
  12. We replaced the key cylinder but the van still will not turn over, the battery is not dead It's been hooked up to a charger, we replaced the key cylinder completely, but it still doesn't work :\.

    Any ideas anyone?
  13. hmmmm maybe blaze up and then see if it matters at all.

    that sounds familiar...
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  15. adding to what i said above... nice dolphin haha YES

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