"shit" Rent inspection

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by afrolicious, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. Shit rent inspection on the 14 june. will my little plants that will be 5 weeks old by the 14th be ok without light for a whole day cause il be at work from early to late.Plus i have kept them very quite to everyone i know so i don't really want to have to ask anyone to look after them for the day. Please tell me what is the best way around this F**ked situation.
  2. thats sucks man, hang in there! ill pray for your babies! If I was you, I would maybe give them to your BEST BEST friend, and when you give him the plants, bring out a gun on him and tell these are your babies and very special to me, I talk to them at night and im really sick in the head!

    works everytime!
  3. well ma dad found ma mj plants and bailed em outta da window i went to see if ma babys were ok but nolook the were all destroyed, i felt a tear to my eye wen i saw dem all snapped into bits. but dont worry everyone i will re-grow wen i get some more seeds...peace......
  4. do you have a crawl space or attic to put them in for a day???
  5. car may be fine but watch out for heat.....in a car the heat will rise super quick.

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