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  1. Well im in highschool (im 18 trust me) and i was just peeing and i hear my dad saying whats wrong whats wrong to my mom then i hear my mom HYSTERICALLY crying and she says im so un-healthy so then my dad asks if she wants water and he gets it for her my dad proceedes to say is anything else wrong and my mom says your so mean

    at that point i came in my room i didnt wanna hear anymore shit i lvoe my parents

    my moms been having a REALLY hard time with my lil sister (shes 7) shes got HORRIBLE ADHD and nobody and school really likes her shit man i feel so bad

    man i remember back in 2nd grade when it was all about playing and having fun
    im not the person for drama but right now i have a HUGE lump in my throuat and can hear my mom crying downstairs

    sorry i needa talk to someone besides my girl any advice?
  2. my cousin has ADHD and he is 8. He is also autistic. The kids grow out of it by age 12 so nothing to worry about. Just time will heal everything, and do nice shit for your mom
  3. man i hope they dont get divorced my lifes been a shitshow recently
  4. My parents were suppose to get a divorce. Didn't happen. They keep all their shit secret from me. So I have no clue wtf happened lol. Kinda sucks. Curious to know.
  5. Hang in there, dude.

    Do something random for your mom tomorrow.
  6. im planing on

    im just afaird that when i approach her shes gunna tell me there getting divorced i alos just heard my dad saying something like
    "ill always blah blah with or without you probably without"

    ^ i dont think my dads that much of an ass to say something like that, hes a GREAT guy hes always happy i hope im just paranoid and heard something wrong....
    time for sleep
  7. Go be your sisters friend imo
  8. Keep your chin up,and look after your mom and sister.Sometimes it's hard to be responsible but it's totally worth it.
    I agree with BuffaloGanja, do nice stuff for your mom,nothin expensive,just everyday shit like cleaning and even just listening...she'll appreciate it so much.

    My parents split when I was 13, it was tough, but it was the right move for them.
    Life can be harsh,but when you can look back and say "yeah I did what I had to do,and I'm a better person because of it" you'll feel much stronger.

    the strongest steel is tempered by fire
  9. I don't know much about ADHD, so I won't comment on that.

    I hope things work out for you and your family though man.
  10. thanks alot dude
  11. No problem. Here's hoping some good karma comes your way in the near future. :D
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    I went through the same type of stuff bro except I was the 8 year old with ADHD that lasted through tenth grade,

    I heard my parents fighting one night... one night, shit all the time and the only thing that could top the knot in my throat after seeing my grown dad cry, was going to the funeral for his dad.

    Take it one day at a time, like someone said above, clean dishes... bring her roses on mothers day, sit and watch some tv with her instead of darting to your room or computer whenever you get home. Listen to what she has to say about her work or whatever,

    I've done exactly the opposite and been very counter productive and i take that for granted, my anxiety just takes over every day and i dont give my mom a min of my time... i just dont know what happened it went from age 17-19 and now that i am almost 21 i wish i coulda helped my parents more.

    keep your head up man, keep smiling
  13. I feel like ADHD didn't exist before the 1990's.
  14. Before all the labels came into play, we had crazy people, just crazy people.
  15. neither did insane sugar ingesting habits
  16. you are a wanderer

    look it up
  17. My brother is semi-autistic and my dad recently got laid off and is now working two jobs so life gets hard man, just gotta look past it ain't nothin you can do.
    • Itinerant people are those who wander from place to place with no home

    ? thanks dude?? im 18 im in highschool and ive lived at this house since 2nd grade... hmmmm
  18. Nice quote dude i love it and thanks alot for the help its greatly appreciated
  19. You're welcome. Stay positive.

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