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  1. Why dont more people walk around shirtless??

    its hella comfy....but when only a few people do it, it makes me look like an asshole.
  2. I got some scars on my back and shoulders that I dont like to show. And, Im pretty hairy. No one wants to look at my hairy chest and stomach. :)
  3. Haha i'm with you man, can't do it up here in Canada most of the time tho, too cold.

    In the summer when its warm i go shirtless alot.
  4. Man everybody walks around without a shirt where im from. Whenever i go anywhere its like the worlds longest, lamest, boring beach party.

    I look like a outsider when i walk around with a shirt on
  5. If it wasn't 0 degrees outside I'd be right there with ya.

    I have a wife beater, a short t shit, a long t shirt and a collared shirt on and I'm still freezing in my house.
  6. I wish females could walk around shirtless.
  7. shit, no one ever goes shirtless around where i live, i got acne scars on my back but i dont give a fuck.

  8. Well I got a small stab wound inbetween my right shoulderblade and spine, some fuck stuck a tiny little blade in my back years ago, and the same night that happened in the same fight the same guy with a DIFFRENT knife cut me a few times across the back. None of them are what I would consider serious injuries, but they look alot worse than they were IMO.

    Still bothers me to show people my back, I wear a wifebeater every now and then but I keep myself covered.

    Also, when all that shit happened I didnt have a shirt on. :)
  9. haha, dude you shouldnt worry about showing your back....i mean, im not like tryin to convince you to take your shirt off or anything, but if i saw that shit on your back i wouldnt fuck with you. i would think you've been around the block a few times.

    thats just me though.

    man, i got this redhead friend, i hella wanna get him shit faced drunk with no shirt on, and when he passes out were ganna play connect the dots with his freckles

  10. ....GINGERS!

    Yeah Im just a bit self concious about it I guess. I wasnt really worried about it until literally a year and 3 days after it happened I had my shirt off and was working in my yard, when a little girl from down the street was like "eeewww what happened to your back". That made a ***** sad.
  11. Man, i live in California, shirts are almost always optional :p

  12. Go shirtless in Florida alot and youll be dark as fuck, REAL quick :)
  13. Yeah man I like to go shirtless but I've added a few pounds so unless im comfortable with showing my body/at the beach i don't really take my shirt off anymore
  14. im a fat bastard

    its for the good of the public.:D

  15. can you say beach leather? hahaha

    i have to say, if the situation permits, by all means go shirtless. Hell, i'm shirtless and have been all day while i was out kayakin on the wekiva river.

    oh 80 degrees in florida say waaaaaaaaaaa????

    god i love this global warming...
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    ...scars are kinda hot. :hide:

    oh yeah, about this thread... i do not walk around shirtless. but i encourage more people to do so.

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